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    This "Big Little Lies" Theory Raises Some Terrifying Questions About What Happened To Perry's Brother

    And how does Mary Louise play into all of this?

    So last Sunday on Big Little Lies Season 2, Episode 2, we learned some verrrrrrry interesting facts about Perry's past that just upped ALL the stakes (spoilers ahead!!).

    Early on in the episode, we watch Mary Louise talk to Celeste about her own experience with tragedy: an accident involving someone in the Wright family named Raymond.

    (At this point, I figured Raymond was Mary Louise's husband/Perry's father, and I was like oh hmm yeah okay he had a tragic childhood without a father figure, that seems to check out??)

    Then, in a crucial scene, we get a flashback to one of Celeste and Perry's first dates, where they talk about their families. That's when Perry mentions his brother...

    ...who is likely the "Raymond" in question!

    And since all Big Little Lies fans know that Perry is a Very Bad Dude, it's totally natural to assume that if the show is bringing up this mysterious "accident" from Perry's family's past, he PROBABLY had something to do with it, right?

    Especially since the theme of violence between brothers is something that keeps coming up — i.e., when Celeste ends up breaking up another fight between her twin boys (she seems to be doing a lot of this? the fights seem to be getting more violent?) and screaming, "You will NOT be like him."

    It's definitely plausible — remember when Perry creepily told Celeste (during the date night flashback) that he wanted to have her all to himself? Sounds like he's the extremely possessive type, and he probably was that way as a kid.

    But wait: Redditors aren't letting the other Wright family member we know get off the hook: because what if MARY LOUISE had something to do with this brother's death?

    And you know what? I'm convinced. I mean, just look at this face. This is a woman with murder-level secrets!!!

    So anyway, I'll just let you sit with that theory for the next few I always say, nothing like a little potential infanticide/fratricide in the narrative to keep your Sunday nights just absolutely terrifying!