A Definitive Ranking Of Nancy Wheeler's Best Outfits In "Stranger Things"

    Our Hawkins homegirl can layer the heck out of a sweater.

    Over the weekend, Season 2 of Stranger Things transported us back to the '80s in Hawkins, Indiana, where yes, okay, a lot of spooky things keep happening — but at least the fall fashion is always on point.

    But of course, no one in Hawkins truly does it better than our fave teen queen Nancy Wheeler.

    19. The 'Neck & Sweater Combo

    18. The Very 80s Sweater

    17. The ~Woman With A Mission~ Coat

    16. The ~I'm A Cool Teen~ Outfit

    15. The Flannel Nightgown

    14. The Snow Ball Dress

    13. The Embroidered Nightgown

    12. The Funeral Outfit

    11. The ~Scrunchie & Brunchie~ Look

    10. The Ribbon Sweater #1

    9. The Lady In Gray

    8. The Rainbow Sweater

    7. The Pink Oxford

    6. The Checkered Coat

    5. The Christmas Sweater

    4. The Classic Cardigan

    3. The Ribbon Sweater #2

    2. The Season 1 Layered Look

    1. The ~Demogorgon Hunting~ Look