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    Updated on Jul 11, 2019. Posted on Jul 10, 2019

    This "Stranger Things" Theory About What's Going To Happen In Season 4 Is Honestly Flaying My Freakin' Mind

    If you know your '80s history, it'll make total sense!

    Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Stranger Things Season 3, so ~tread lightly~, my friends!

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    Proceed only if you did your nerd duty and watched all eight episodes!

    Okay, so the Season 3 finale left us with a few loose ends: Even though the Mind Flayer has been defeated and the Gate in Hawkins was closed, we know there is still (at least) one Demogorgon alive — and it's in Soviet Russia.


    In the end credits scene, we see a couple of soldiers feed a prisoner to a captive Demogorgan somewhere in Kamchatka, Russia.

    There are a bunch of theories on whether it's the same Demogorgan from Season 1 — and who "the American" prisoner briefly mentioned could be — but it sure looks like the battle between worlds isn't over, and the Soviet Union will continue to play a huge role in whatever happens next...


    And according to David Harbour, we're "either going to Season 4 or Season 5," so this next one might be the end!

    Which is why this theory from Reddit user Gamer_Nation, posted Tuesday night, makes SO. MUCH. SENSE.

    Gamer_Nation / Via

    The timing lines up: If we're due for a spring-themed season that takes place relatively soon after Season 3, then there's a VERY good chance Season 4 will overlap with the real-life explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant...

    ...which took place in Soviet Ukraine on April 26, 1986.

    And the idea of an international cover-up isn't totally wild: We've already seen how things got swept under the rug in Hawkins.


    At the end of Season 3, the official story was that the Starcourt Mall burned down (which the local news showed "footage" of), and at the end of Season 2, the Department of Energy told everyone that Barb had died from being poisoned.

    Also remember: In Season 1, Dr. Owens was the guy from the US Department of Energy who was in charge of "containing the strange events that took place" and running the Hawkins Lab in Season 2 — so he's basically Mr. Cover-Up!

    So it definitely checks out that if Season 4 revolves around one epic final battle between Eleven and the dark forces of the Upside Down, it'll be hugely destructive and almost impossible to hide convincingly from the public...unless you tell everyone it was a big nuclear accident?


    ^^'Cause, yeah, this kind of thing won't exactly fly outside of small-town Hawkins.

    Anyway, it's a fascinating theory, and now I really, really need the Duffer Brothers to move that production timeline up as soon as humanly/Elevenly possible!


    (And if this theory holds true, of course, Netflix would have to figure out a way to pull it off in a way that isn't dismissive of the actual tragedy of the Chernobyl disaster.)

    So, what do you guys think? Are we headed to the Soviet Union for a supernatural war between worlds in Season 4? Or will the gang get back together in Hawkins for a slightly smaller-scale send-off??

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    **Cue ominous synthesizer music**

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