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    21 Tweets About Steve Harrington Wearing A Sailor Outfit That Will Convince You To Watch "Stranger Things" Season 3

    Move over, Hopper's Hawaiian shirt and Nancy's belted dresses, because Steve's lil' uniform is the only summer look we care about now.

    If you've seen Stranger Things Seasons 1 and 2, you know Steve Harrington as the former Mr. Popular Guy who ends up busting out some surprisingly great babysitting skills...

    Netflix / Via

    Also known as: The Greatest Character Arc Ever, end of discussion.

    And while the Stranger Things Season 3 trailer did give us a lil' taste of what Steve looked like in his official uniform for his summer job at Scoops Ahoy...

    Netflix / Via

    **suddenly REALLY needs to teleport into Starcourt Mall circa 1985!!**

    We as a nation were NOT adequately prepared for what Season 3 ultimately delivered: not one, not two, but ALL eight episodes of Steve Harrington (played by Joe Keery) running around and wearing this gloriously adorable sailor outfit.


    And Twitter, of course, responded accordingly:

    1. For one thing, the outfit just totally underscored how wholesome Steve's character is at heart:

    steve harrington in a sailor's outfit bursting through a door and jumping, laughing and singing with excitement at seeing dustin henderson has saved my existence. it is just too pure.

    2. And for another thing, um, it just made him even more attractive?

    The weirdest thing about Stranger Things 3 is how gorgeous Steve Harrington looks in that sailor outfit.

    3. Suddenly, it became apparent that Sailor Steve was going to surpass Cool Steve and Dad Steve on the hotness radar...

    not sure why i’m MORE attracted to steve harrington in that sailor ice cream shop costume but i’m not gonna question it #strangerthingsseason3

    4. And people were just all-around moved:

    Oh sweet Jesus Steve Harrington in a sailor outfit GIVE ME STRENGTH

    5. Even the Team Steve hold-outs were won over:

    steve harrington wasn’t hot till he put that mf ice cream sailor uniform on idc

    6. 'Cause like, even when he's making a serious face/thinking about how aimless he feels in life (which, same), you just can't take him seriously...

    Not with that hat!

    7. Not to mention when his CHEST HAIR peeks out over that collar???

    Important things to observe in Stranger Things 3: Steve Harrington's chest hair when it peeps over the neckline of his adorable sailor outfit.

    Haaaave mercy, Netflix.

    8. As fans dug into the eight-episode season, there was really only one question on everyone's minds:

    On ep4 and the only spoiler I want is : does Steve wear the sailor suit for the whole season? Please say yes. #StrangerThings

    9. And once people realized that, yes, Season 3 Steve is never not wearing that outfit...

    The fact that I’m 7/8 episodes into Stranger Things and Steve Harrington is STILL in his “Scoops Ahoy” sailor uniform is honestly iconic 😂⚓️

    10. Only then did fans realize what a gift they'd been given...

    steve harrington went into complete twink mode in that sailor uniform for a full 8 episodes and i respect him

    11. And how valuable it was...

    Steve Harrington in a little sailor suit is a national treasure

    12. And at this point, everyone started assuming an Emmy nom is already in the works:

    Steve Harrington spending this whole goddamn season in a sailor scout outfit is fucking poetic cinema

    13. People also wondered aloud just how this costume decision came to be...

    Netflix Execs: Going into Season 3, we have some notes. Duffer Bros: OK, as long as creativi- Execs: Steve Harrington in a sailor suit. Duffer Bros: Sorry, what? Execs: Steve. Sailor suit. All season.

    14. And concluded that, yup, it might just go down in history as one of the best TV costume decisions, ever...

    The costume designer that decided to put Steve in that dumb sailor outfit for the entirety of Stranger Things season 3 DESERVES a raise IMMEDIATELY

    15. And that honestly, Sailor Steve is the best part of Season 3, full stop:

    I take it back. Steve Harrington in a sailor uniform working at an ice creamery is the best thing. Opening was worth it. Hawking is truly safe.

    16. Like, the rest of the show was great, obvi, but no one would have complained if there'd just been running footage of Steve scoopin' ice cream for eight hours...

    Me, a simpleton that just wants to see Steve Harrington in a sailor suit and my kids enjoying a summer aesthetic: #StrangerThings3

    17. In summary: Steve Harrington's Scoops Ahoy uniform is a fashion inspiration to us all...

    Steve Harrington in a sailor costume is extremely my summer 2019 aesthetic

    18. It reawakened our attraction for men in nautical trappings...

    just saying, steve harrington in his sailor outfit can get it 😉

    19. And gave us all a bit of a sailor kink:

    What’s MY kink of 2019? Steve Harrington in a sailor suit #StrangersThings3

    20. Or, OK, a full-fledged one:

    Please pray for my husband. He doesn’t yet know that in the very near future, he’s gonna have to dress up in a doll like sailor suit to fulfill my Steve Harrington fantasies.

    21. And anyway, yes, 4th of July may be over, but Stranger Things Season 3 is out and ready for us to stream while we recover from that long weekend hangover...and I really can't imagine a better time to be alive.

    sailor steve in s3... happy birthday america

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