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20 Quizzes You Can Take While Everyone Else On Earth Is Watching "Game Of Thrones"

For all you anti-GOT personality types!

3. Which Member Of The Suicide Squad Are You?

DC Comics

5. This Quiz Will Reveal What Kind Of Junk Food You Are

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6. Which Spider-Man Are You?


7. Which "Coco" Character Are You?


9. Which Universally Despised Movie Character Are You?

Lucasfilm / Getty Images / Focus Features

10. Which Meal Are You?

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11. Which Member Of The Kardashian-Jenner Clan Are You?

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12. What Kind Of Soup Are You?

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13. What Type Of Millennial Are You?

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14. Are You An Optimist, A Realist, Or A Pessimist?

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15. Which Mean Girl Are You Most Like?

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16. Which Clichéd Female Character Are You?

Disney / Fox

17. Which Friend Are You In The Group?


19. Which Season Are You?

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20. If You Were A Fried Food, What Would You Be?

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