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    People Are Tweeting About How "Midsommar" Gets Bad Relationships Exactly Right And Boyfriends Everywhere Are Sweating

    Wanna know what the polar opposite of a good date movie is? It's this.

    (Warning: Light spoilers ahead!)

    So last week, the horror movie Midsommar finally came out, and it's basically a totally terrifying tale of a woman who, yes, travels to visit a Swedish cult, but who also has to deal with a pretty awful boyfriend...

    ...which, as fans on Twitter noted, was honestly the scariest and most relatable part. And, boy oh boy, did they have some jokes:


    Gonna watch MidSommar with my boyfriend today let’s see if the relationship takes a hit.


    Watching a couple leave Midsommar as the boyfriend nervously laughs to his girlfriend


    girlfriends boyfriends watching watching midsommar midsommar


    desperately wish I had a shitty boyfriend I could dump when I finally see MIDSOMMAR


    I’m taking my boyfriend to see Midsommar tomorrow.


    My boyfriend can’t handle scary movies but asked if he should see Midsommar and I said yes because if he is good and intends to stay good then it won’t be scary


    It’s crazy how @AriAster watched The Devil Wears Prada for Shitty Boyfriend Inspo and said “hold my beer” #Midsommar


    immediately after #MidsommarMovie ended, i whispered in my boyfriend’s ear “this is what will happen to you if you cheat on me” 😇


    if ur still texting ur bf love u after u see midsommar ☺️ u know he’s the one


    Seriously considering #Midsommar as a potential future wedding theme but for some reason my bf isn’t on board


    Literally every boyfriend after watching #Midsommar with their partner.


    If the Get Out challenge was running straight at people and veering away last second, the Midsommar challenge is just taking your long term boyfriend to see Midsommar


    seeing Midsommar 3 days before I'm scheduled to leave the country with my boyfriend


    i feel like since i asked to go see midsommar w my bf he’s never gonna let me pick the movie ever again bc that was such a flop


    Straight girls looking at their ain’t shit boyfriends after seeing Midsommar


    getting a bf just to dump him after a midsommar screening: hot girl sommar


    Alternative titles for #Midsommar - Fuckboy: The Movie - Dump His Ass - Break Up With Your Boyfriend, I’m Scared - Hereditary: Sweden - ABBA, But Make It A Cult


    saw #Midsommar with my boyfriend & now he won’t speak to me because I shouted THATS RIGHT BITCH at the end


    just finished Midsommar, maybe I don’t want a boyfriend


    Can't wait for the wave of "How Ari Aster's Midsommar Made Me Want to Be a Better Boyfriend" essays.


    MIDSOMMAR: the *real* horror is your terrible mid-20s boyfriend you should have left 1.5 years ago

    So in conclusion: If you haven't seen Midsommar yet and are considering bringing your boyfriend along...goooood luck!!