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    The Equifax Settlement Situation Is A Wild Ride, And Here Are 18 Of The Funniest Tweets About It

    If you're experiencing Equifax settlement FOMO, you're not alone.

    Remember hearing about that huge Equifax data breach back in 2017? Well, a few weeks ago, it turned out that — as part of a new settlement with the FTC — anyone affected by the breach can file a claim for a cash payment of up to $125 from Equifax (or free credit monitoring).

    So naturally, people on Twitter had some A+ jokes that walked us all through the 5 Stages Of Dealing With The Equifax Settlement Situation:

    First, there's Stage 1: Finding Out If You Qualify.

    When you qualify for $125 from #Equifax and your friends don't

    ...which was apparently a rather bittersweet process for some of us.

    feeling a very vague sense of FOMO for not being part of the equifax breach? will be bringing up in therapy

    "I couldn't help but wonder: why *didn't* Equifax leak my information?"

    when ur friends get to file claims for the equifax data breach but no hacker wanted your data

    Equifax told me I wasn’t affected by the breach and I had plans for that $125

    For those who did "qualify," there was a brief Stage 2: Indecision.

    Equifax: We’ll give you $125 or free credit monitoring Everyone:

    Then, Stage 3: Celebration/Anticipation.

    Just filed my claim with Equifax for that $125:

    Me and the boys spending the $125 we got from the Equifax data breach

    Gay Twitter going out for a night on the town once we all get our $125 from Equifax

    When that Equifax settlement check arrives

    With this $125 from equifax I finally have some capital to angel invest. Please send me ur decks

    And when news came out that people might get "nowhere near" their $125, Stage 4: Wondering What The Heck Is Going On At Equifax.

    [equifax job interview] equifax manager: we can give you a salary OR free credit monitoring for 480 years

    Let's check in with the CEO of #Equifax right now

    my inputting the same information that equifax compromised to claim this money:

    And finally Stage 5: Developing The Backup Plan.

    fuck storming area 51, we need to ransack equifax

    **Note: We at BuzzFeed do NOT condone actual ransacking. This is a JOKE roundup, please conduct yourself accordingly!!!

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