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This "Game Of Thrones" Theory Explains Why It Was Actually Crucial For Jon Snow To Scream At That Dragon

That last twist in the Battle of Winterfell might never have happened without him!

Last Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones was all about the epic Battle of Winterfell, where our faves faced off against the Night King, his army of wights, and one very terrifying ~wight dragon~.

Against all odds, not only did the living come out on top against the dead, but it was our very own Arya Stark who delivered that stunning final blow to finish off ol' blue-eyes aka the Night King.

Plus, this was after we already watched Arya personally fight off approximately 29385738723987 wights beforehand, which led to some great Twitter jokes about how Arya basically carried Team Winterfell.

The House Of Stark🔥❤❤❤❤❤❤ #GameOfThrones #AryaStark #arya

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Especially because where was Jon Snow, our former Lord Commander, King in the North, and special resurrected boi during most of the battle? Flying around with Daenerys, mostly.

And his biggest moment in the episode was this scene, where he's literally facing off with Viserion:

And what does the man do? He...screams? At the wight dragon? Who is about 0.00002 seconds away from blasting him with its deadly blue dragon fire?

The people were, so to speak, unimpressed:

Lmaoooo we all thought Jon Snow was the key to ending the Night King and all this dude did was fly around for 80 minutes and then scream at a dragon #GameOfThrones

so if the lord of light resurrected beric to save arya then did it resurrect jon snow to scream at the dragon

i just wanna drop everything and scream at all my problems just like how jon snow screamed at that dragon

BUT THEN: Reddit user u/Applesoapp went back and rewatched the scene and noticed a crucial detail — by paying attention to **what** it sounded like Jon was actually screaming:

So yes, you read that right: Jon Snow was probably screaming not **at the dragon** (because why would you tell the wight dragon to "gooooooo???")...

...but at Arya, who was trying to sneak by to go do her thing/kill the Night King!!

If this theory is true, it would also mean that Jon was prepared to sacrifice himself as a diversion to make sure the dragon didn't see Arya.

Which...honestly, wow. It's all pretty convincing, and I'm ready to take all those useless Jon Snow jokes back, you guys. Apparently, our dude was just being his usual self-sacrificing self??

Though...just to be clear, there's absolutely nothing wrong with a good ol' scream for screaming's sake, whether you're Jon Snow or Chrissy Teigen or a regular ol' person!!!

'Cause sometimes you just gotta.

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