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    27 Unpopular Opinions About The "Game Of Thrones" Finale

    "We sat through YEARS of bloodshed for the Iron Throne so that everyone could live happily ever after?"

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their most unpopular opinions about the Game of Thrones finale. Here's what they said!


    1. Jon turned out to be kind of a coward.


    I think Jon got the ending he deserved: at the end, he was a coward. He could've stopped Daenerys a long time ago when he found out that he was the rightful heir. Instead he hid behind his "You're my queen" excuse. He could have changed the whole outcome, but instead he choose to stand behind his "queen," because he was too lazy/afraid/selfish/in love. I'm not mad that the writers didn't use the Targaryen storyline; I'm mad that Jon didn't.

    As for Daenerys, I loved the bittersweet ending that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't fight her genes and lineage. It wasn't about the ending, but about the journey of a young girl slowly becoming the one thing she despised since the beginning (Cersei 2.0).


    2. The issue of who got to be king was resolved in a weirdly peaceful way.

    My biggest WHAT moment was not when Jon killed Dany, but how he got caught for killing her? The dragon literally swept her body away with all evidence. That was a huge hole in the story.

    Also, we sat through YEARS of bloodshed for the Iron Throne so that everyone could live happily ever after and just implement a democratic process of election? It made absolutely no sense and seemed outright random.


    3. It was a bittersweet but good ending.

    Despite what everyone is saying, the final and the entire season was actually GOOD. Everyone's stories came to a bittersweet end: the Starks all got what they really wanted, proving once again that they are the true heroes of the show. And most importantly, the entire season and show was a cinematic masterpiece and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is truly the greatest show of all time


    4. *That* scene happened too soon.


    Daenerys should have been killed later in the episode. That was too soon. The rest was kind of boring.


    5. Bran was a fitting choice for king, actually.

    I really liked how everyone’s story lined ended. Jon got his freedom, Sansa got the north, Arya got the world, and contrary to popular opinion, I think Bran was a good choice for king! People seem to forget that he was Lord of Winterfell for a hot sec back in season one. He was like 10 years old, and he was actually doing a good job until the Theon mess. Idk, maybe it’s a hot take, and obviously nothing was perfect, but I’m really content with how everything ended.


    6. There needed to be more episiodes.

    It would have been good if it had more episodes, like another 14 episodes and same story, but filled out better.


    7. It was disappointing, but satisfying.


    People are disappointed that Daenerys got killed off, but Game of Thrones has always been known for its shock factor and shouldn't try to fulfill all the fans' wishes. When it does try to appease everyone (as in the last two seasons) is when it actually gets disappointing and it gets out of character. The only thing that bothers me is why the North gets to be independent and the other kingdoms don't. Why didn't any of the lords object? I think the Dornish probably wanted independence even more than the Northerners.


    8. TGOD "Gendrya" didn't happen...

    I'm super happy that Arya DIDN'T end up with Gendry. That's not her.


    9. But what was the point of her time learning how to switch faces?

    Why did Arya spend all that time learning the faces only not to use it in the final season? What was the point of the big reveal that Jon was a Targaryen? It didn't change or impact his or Dany's story. For a complex and dynamic story, we got a flat and meaningless ending.


    10. Dany was never the hero.


    Dany was always the mad queen to me. She has committed atrocities in the past, justified in some cases, yes, but atrocities nonetheless, and a good ruler doesn't stoop to their enemies level which she has repeatedly done. She's selfish and entitled and always has been, if you read between the lines. I think she was a great character but in the second season, I saw this coming a mile away.

    The only character I felt they kind of assassinated was Jaime. What was the point of any of his redemption arc if that's where he would end up? It felt rushed at least. I don't think they handled the time jumping very well.

    Honestly I'm just happy Davos and Brienne survived.


    11. There were too many loose ends.

    The finale was good but just highlighted how many plot lines had been completely discarded. Arya and the faces, Jon’s true heritage, Brienne and Jaime, Bran’s warging, Bronn turning on the Lannisters, Gendry being legitimized, the entire Golden Company, Yara going back to the Iron Islands, Meera Reed just leaving, Euron impregnating Cersei, Cersei’s baby, the entire White Walker plotline (which was the first to be introduced in the show). They had all these set-ups. None of them meant anything in the end at all and were dropped completely.


    12. Bronn's promotion was...weird.

    Not an unpopular opinion per se, but how did Bronn completely 180 from threatening Tyrion and Jaime with a crossbow, then not appear for three episodes, and end up being named Master of Coin?


    13. Why did everyone just listen to Tyrion?


    Why did Tyrion, the literal prisoner on his way to be executed, get the executive decision of who should rule? I agree that he should get a say, but he just definitively named Bran and called it a day. Also Sansa and Arya didn’t even say ‘aye’ lol.


    14. Actually, Dany **didn't** change that much.

    Unpopular opinion: Dany didnt 'go mad' this season. While I do think her story was rushed, she was pretty much the same person she has been for years now. It was just the circumstances she was responding to that changed, combined with a lack of trusted advisors to stop her.


    15. The finale was a masterpiece.

    The writers ABSOLUTELY knew what they were doing. Dany's arc was NOT ruined, since it has been hinted at and built up for SEASONS that she was going to go mad. She didn't deserve "better." She has been a tyrant for years now. All in all, everyone complaining about this show doesn't deserve the gem that it is.


    16. Counterpoint: it was also kind of boring.


    Tyrion's big speech/the small council meeting felt like the BIGGEST time wasters ever. Apart from Jon killing Dany, very little actually happened in this episode. Just lots of sitting, thinking, talking. It was painfully lacking plot and action — or any surprises.


    17. What's up with Bran's nickname though?

    They called Bran "The Broken"." Why not call him "Brandon the Rebuilder" as an echo of Brandon the Builder who built the Wall?? Why call him "broken" just because he's in a wheelchair? Why make that his legacy when he's going to be rebuilding a new Westeros? It was awful to hear.


    18. The chair dragging was hilarious.

    I sincerely enjoyed from when Tyrion is dragging the chairs around to the very end and wish there had been more of that sort of early-seasons style toward the end of the show.


    19. Jon's sneak attack was TOO sneaky.


    The way Jon killed Dany was sneaky and underhanded, especially for someone who goes on about honor as much as he does. He literally broke her heart by STABBING IT AS THEY KISSED (after he said she’d be his queen forever). What a vile betrayal.


    20. Bran shouldn't have ended up as king.

    Bran did not deserve that throne. Its almost as if he plotted and schemed all the way to get that throne thanks to his Three-Eyed Raven powers.


    21. And the issue of Jon's true background didn't really matter?

    All of Jon Snow's backstory about how he is a Targaryen was for nothing. All the reading in the library, crossing the world to deliver the news, all went for a toss, out of the window and down the drain. Lyanna Stark, Ser Arthur Dayne, Rhaegar Targaryen all died for nothing.


    22. The Starks shouldn't have gone their separate paths at the end.


    My unpopular opinion: People kept reiterating “the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives” to signify how the Starks had triumphed, but ironically, they all ended up as lone wolves at the end. :/


    23. Our expectations for the finale were too high.

    People were annoyed about the ending because they had built up so many theories in their head that it could never compete. If people wait for the dust to settle on it, then go back and rewatch, they probably won’t hate it as much. Yes, there should have been more episodes and it was rushed, but everyone ended up where they were supposed to be.


    24. The final scene with Brienne was perfectly in character.

    I think Brienne recording Jaime’s history was fine. It was spot on with her character. She wasn’t a malicious beast who wanted to drag Jaime’s name through the mud. She loved him. She cared for him. And seeing her write down who she knew him as, allowed for him to be seen not as a villain... for once in his life. Her writing down what happened was her way of reciprocating her love for him. She found a justice in it, and I believe, was able to gain closure from it. Was it what he deserved? ABSOLUTELY NOT. He was a pig, and I believe he got what he deserved by getting crushed by the very building that served as protection for his schemes. But I think it was perfectly in character for Brienne to have done what she did, and I commend the writers for keeping with her character.


    25. Depending how you look at it, it was either amazing...


    I thought the last two episodes of season 8 were amazing.


    26. Very rushed...

    I'm fine with how the ending turned out. We just should have had another season to get there. The whole series is like one of those times essay tests where you really know what you're doing for about the first three quarters: you have evidence, minor points, major points, and everything ties nicely together. Then you look at the clock and realize you've got five minutes left to do the last quarter, so you cut the chaff that actually tied things together beautifully and hit only the major points. Those points are still good, but they should have had more time to develop.


    27. Or, at the very least, conclusive.


    Unpopular opinion: I'm glad this show is finally over.


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