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    Here Are 20 Of The Funniest, Shadiest, And Most Earnest Comments Recently Posted On BuzzFeed

    "If I saw my man load the dishwasher like that, I would question his intelligence and my vagina would clamp down for a month."

    1. Re: Lisa Kudrow talking about how playing Phoebe on Friends had actually been a huge challenge for her...

    NBC / Via

    "I never thought of Phoebe as a dumb character. I just thought she was off in her own little world, and everybody else just didn't get it. It didn't make her dumb; that made her unique."


    2. Re: **that** photo of Timothée Chalamet and Lily-Rose Depp making out on a yacht...

    "This looks like two people who have never made out with anyone before making out for the first time. I am uncomfortable."


    3. This one, too:

    "She looks like when a bird mama feeds the baby bird by regurgitating food into its mouth."


    4. Re: this Twitter roundup of high schoolers clearly living their best lives...

    "One time in high school, I was out sick, so my friend had to forward me the assignments I missed. One of them was an essay for English. The prompt was to write about a personal hero in your life. However, she never told me that. Instead she said to write about someone fun. So while everyone else wrote papers about people like Gandhi, Mozart, and their grandmother, I ended up writing about Shrek."


    5. Re: this post about wild things people have seen when visiting other people's homes...


    "TBF re #11, a 5-foot dildo is purely decorative, so hiding it would defeat the purpose."


    6. And also this one:

    "Well that's not a dildo then, it's a penis sculpture. BDE of decorating."


    7. Re: a very wholesome roundup of tweets about finding your soulmate...

    "I knew my fiancé was the one when I started to SOB about missing my dog due to my divorce and he just...let me work it out until he could tell that I couldn’t breathe through my nose anymore. I had calmed down by this point, so he asked me if I wanted a tissue.

    He was lying there holding me, I rolled over to my left side, grabbed a tissue, sorta looked back over my right shoulder, and said, 'I’ll be ok.' Then I blew my nose while simultaneously farting the hardest, longest fart I’ve ever farted in my life — which also happened to be the first time I farted in front of him...on our first Valentine’s Day together. There was a beat then we both DIED laughing, which was sooooooo much needed in such a heavy moment. He’s my very best friend, and I can’t wait to get married next October."


    8. Re: all of these extremely relatable vagina jokes...

    "I just took a shower and while I was in there a cobweb drifted down and I thought, 'Did that come from the ceiling or my vagina?'"


    9. Re: teachers sharing the funniest things students have said to them...

    ABC / Via

    "My seventh grade students knew I was single and tried to set me up with my male colleagues. At some point, one student pointed to a history teacher and asked, 'What about him?' I told her sadly, he was taken already, so no. She asked, 'Is he married?' I said, 'No, he has a girlfriend.'

    She replied, 'Ooh, no problem, that's easier to get rid of than a wife.'"


    10. Re: this appreciation post of celebrity kids who look just like their uber-famous parents...

    "Apple Martin is one letter away from being Apple Martini."


    11. Re: these Tumblr posts about experiences that just about every woman can relate to...

    "God bless all the girls in a bar bathroom at 12:45 a.m. God bless them all."


    12. Re: a roundup of women sharing things men don't know about them...

    "The smell of fresh laundered clothes on men is far more attractive than half a bottle of cologne/body spray. If your cologne can be smelled from 20 feet away outside, it’s too much, and I don’t know how you breathe. Less is more but a nice laundry detergent is 'most.'"


    13. Re: this post about people sharing the most spoiled thing they've ever heard someone say...


    "Being English, I forgot goldfish are crackers in America and briefly thought #14 was a very spoilt serial killer in the making."


    14. Re: 26 inappropriate Friends scenes that don't hold up in 2019...

    "This critique of a 20-year-old show, to me, is a fool’s errand. Some of these jokes might be inappropriate for today’s tastes, but you might want to take a beat and consider that it was through these jokes on wildly popular shows that these sensitive issues were first introduced to the public at large.

    Progress depends on awareness, and if you wind back the clock, these Friends episodes were progressive in their own way, as they touched on subjects that still seem taboo today. Comedy is a form of acceptance, and I honestly think our culture would be hindered, if these mainstream shows did not address those issues in the past."


    15. Re: this roundup of real life secrets people plan on taking with them to the grave...

    "I knew about my dad's affair before my mom did, so I created an email account and sent my dad a message saying that I had pictures of them, and if he didn't tell my mother, I would send them to her and the woman's husband (who was his best friend). He did it, and they divorced, but my mom was very well off without him. To this day, he still doesn't know it was me..."


    16. Re: all the times Chris Evans was truly peak Chris Evans...

    "I swear this man is the human version of a golden retriever."


    17. Re: one very divisive plane etiquette poll...


    "Okay, the window seat gets the window, and the aisle seat gets easy bathroom access. The middle seat deserves to have both arm rests."


    18. Re: these 17 funny husband fails...

    "I feel petty AF saying this, but man, if I saw my man load the dishwasher like that, I would question his intelligence and my vagina would clamp down for a month. People who load the dishwasher badly are the worst."


    19. Re: news that the ~youths~ are doing this thing called the "glued lip challenge" on TikTok...

    "I could get all 'kids these days,' but back in my day we were doing the cinnamon challenge. So, at least they've gotten somewhat less lethal."


    20. And finally, re: this tweet from a list of 23 hilarious old tweets...

    Our relationship with ants is weird. Ants are, like, "Hey, I only want these crumbs, ok?" and we're all, "No you motherfucking will not."

    "We don't let the ants have the crumbs, because that will not satisfy them. They will not be happy until they have everything. EVERYTHING."


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