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Updated on Aug 13, 2020. Posted on Aug 10, 2020

Design Your Dream Vacation And We'll Reveal What "Animal Crossing" Villager Personality You Have

When you need to travel just think, "what would dodos do?"

You want to go on a trip somewhere. Do you plan it all out or go with the flow?
How are you getting there?
Pick your suitcase:
What’s the one thing that you have to bring no matter where you go?
Where are you going?
  • man riding on boat beside restaurant
    A rustic city full of rich culture, mouth-watering food, and lots of historical artifacts and architecture like Venice. 
  • architectural photo of tower between buildings
    A place that feels like you’re stepping into the future, like Tokyo. You appreciate change and progress. 
  • Fading afternoon light is a wonderful time for photography. This was just one glimpse of a wondrous day. I love how stray rays of late sun can color redwoods.
    The forest, like the Redwoods in California. You love being outside and seeing what nature has to offer, like trees, bugs, animals, and amazing views.
  • people on beach shore
    Somewhere you’ve never been before because adventure is calling and you can’t wait to do something fresh and exciting!
You’re getting hungry. What kind of food are you craving?
  • A local favorite! Something like a Portugese pastel de nata or a Latin American sancocho.
    Getty Images
  • food photography of varieties of sushies
    Surprise me! I’ll eat anything that’s put in front of me!
  • pizza with berries
    Something familiar. I don’t love the idea of eating something I’ve never had before…
  • vegetable salad
    Anything with some fruits and veggies. Just because I’m on vacation doesn’t mean I can break routine!
Favorite part of the trip?
Someone snatched your wallet on the street! How do you respond?
What does your hotel room look like?
  • woman standing near window inside bedroom
    Just the something standard. Nothing fancy.
  • Chic and sleek. It’s gotta be Instagrammable. The world needs to know what I’m up to and the luxuries that I can afford.
  • brown wooden house
    Cozy like a cabin. Lots of wood, high ceilings, comfy furniture. The works.
  • brown wooden bunk beds
    A themed hostel of course. I love making new friends and what better way to do that than sharing a bunk.
You grab some souvenirs from the local market to remember your trip... What are they?
  • shallow focus photography of green teacup with coffee inside
    Some mugs and other dishware. It has to be something practical that I know I’m going to use again. Otherwise what’s the point?
  • open box of French macarons
    Packaged foods, spices, and treats. Gotta take the flavors with me; my taste buds need to remember!
  • assorted-color clothes lot
    Local garments and accessories. You want something beautiful that you can hang up in your house when you get home!
  • multicolored textile
    A statement piece like a rug or piece of furniture. Big enough that it has to be shipped home. It’ll be the talking point in your living room!
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