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Cat Parents, What Advice Would You Give To First-Time Cat Owners?

Whether you're a new cat parent or you've had cats your entire life, your feline friend deserves a treat.

Cats! They're adorable, fluffy weirdos. But to know them is to love them.

So if you're a longtime cat parent, you've probably picked up on a few bits of wisdom that new cat parents might not know yet.

You may know things like the fact that cats will always prefer the box to the expensive toy that came in the box...

A tabby cat peeking out of a box

...or the fact that cats aren't quite as solitary and aloof as some people believe.

A gray cat sitting on a woman's lap while she pets the cat's head

And you probably know that some cats are finicky and will only accept the finest and most delicious treats.

So tell us, what advice would you — an experienced cat owner — give to first-time cat parents? Or what do you wish you knew before becoming a cat parent?

Share your best advice for new cat parents in the comments. It could be featured in a future BuzzFeed sponsored post!

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