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12 Simple Ways To Bond With Your Cat

Connecting with your bestie is priceless. For more moments of joy between you and your kitty cat, count on the treats they'll love: Delectables.

1. Find their sweet spot for their fave scratches!

2. Allow them time to just ~be themselves~.

3. Give them pleeenty of playtime.

4. Yep, give them treats, too :)

5. And don't forget to have fun with treat time!

Cat with funny face licks Delectables Squeeze Up

6. Also, you don't need to get ~fancy~ to bond with Mr. Marbles.

7. But do give them a new toy every once in a while.

8. Talk to them!

9. Give them a superspecial meal, especially if they've had a rough day.

10. To show extra love, try putting a pouch of Delectables Lickable Treats on top of a few dry treats for a more nutritious and filling treat. Yum!

Furry cat looking into a a martini glass where his food is being served

11. If they're the kind to explore, take them with you as you trek around the world.

12. Make their comfort a priority <3.

We know you can't wait to go bond with little Atticus. Treating them will be even more special with Delectables Lickable Treats and Squeeze Ups. Shop for all Delectables treats here!