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Middle Childhood Development

These 4 images describe 4 different aspect of development with school-aged children.

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Sports Participation

This image demonstrates one of the ways that children in middle childhood spend their time which is in cooperative and organized activities or games such as sports. This girl is performing at a gymnastics competition which is a structured sporting event. Children in middle childhood usually begin being involved in organized sports such as the one in the image above. Sports participation in middle childhood has been a controversial topic. There are pros (positive self-esteem and team building) and cons (less concentration on schoolwork and stress) that are associated with youth participation in sports.


These meme illustrates the concept of self-understanding in middle childhood. This quote is from the hit television show “Full House” and Stephanie, who is in middle childhood, struggles to find her value as a person by being the middle child. She identifies the most by being the middle child within the family context. Self-esteem and self-worth describe how a person feels about themselves which is a skill that children in middle childhood begin developing.


This image illustrates children’s development of creativity in middle childhood. In this image, these two boys are pretending to be pirates by using household items such as sticks and newspapers to dress like pirates. In early childhood as well as middle childhood, make-believe and pretend play are important for children’s development of creativity. This image also shows that creativity goes beyond analytical thinking which is also developed throughout middle childhood.


This image demonstrates the horizontal aspect of peer relationships and friendships which begin forming in middle childhood due to commonalities and mutual likings of one another. In addition, fulfilling these social needs is one of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. This picture and quote specifically demonstrate the impact that friends have on one’s sense of belonging by showing that one can achieve acceptance from peers and friends even when friends may not see each other all the time. In fact, it’s in middle childhood when children may understand and recognize that friendships do not have to be fluid and can last overtime.

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