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15 Tweets About What Women Actually Want In Life

*Sees my ex with a new girl* She's just all right. *Notices her dress has pockets* Damn.


What do we want? DRESSES WITH POCKETS! How do we want them? FILLED WITH SNACKS! What kind of snacks? PREFERABL…

@MartiSchodt / Via Twitter: @MartiSchodt


I want a wedding dress with pockets just so I can go around all night saying "Thanks! AND IT HAS POCKETS!"

@Julia_SCI / Via Twitter: @Julia_SCI


I feel like I get more excited than I should when I find a dress with pockets

@kirstinburke / Via Twitter: @kirstinburke


this one time at prom, I dumped the bowl of gummy bears in my dress pocket & ate them throughout the night. highly…

@citysydy / Via Twitter: @citysydy


Are you really wearing a dress with pockets if you don't tell everyone that it has pockets???

@anhthuhahaha / Via Twitter: @anhthuhahaha


Bought a dress WITH POCKETS today. They are out there, people. Don't give up hope.

@JaniGrey / Via Twitter: @JaniGrey


I’m wearing my new dress today. It has POCKETS! Can we all take a second to take in how amazing dresses with pockets are? #sohappy

@MaaiQue / Via Twitter: @MaaiQue


“it has pockets!” said by every girl that has a dress with pockets.

@okaayceleste / Via Twitter: @okaayceleste


There's this 50 year old woman in my class- she's super cute. And today she showed us that you are NEVER too old to…

@Alisonn_Simonee / Via Twitter: @Alisonn_Simonee


#accurate #dresswithpockets #dresses #girlythings #jellybeancomics #lorynbrantz

@journalistgab / Via Twitter: @journalistgab


I'm wearing a dress with pockets, a cardigan with pockets, and a coat with pockets. I've never felt so powerful.

@KMoeny / Via Twitter: @KMoeny


Okay so I got promoted recently but my cousin found a wedding dress WITH POCKETS and I feel like her news is more i…

@theactivestick / Via Twitter: @theactivestick


sex is cool and all but have you ever owned a cool dress with POCKETS

@ofdaredevils / Via Twitter: @ofdaredevils


Me when I bought a dress with pockets today

@marimolina385 / Via Twitter: @marimolina385


*at my funeral* Friend crying over my casket: look they're burying her in her favorite dress Me, still dead: it haaasss pockets

@behindyourback / Via Twitter: @behindyourback
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