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15 Things You Didn't Realize Were Actually Abbreviations For Names

Huh, I never knew about this.

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1. On Sunday Twitter user @BailingBri666 used her account to enlighten her followers about a name we've all been abbreviating for years: Ratthew.

2. The knowledge quickly spread, and suddenly others began sharing similar abbreviated names.

3. I don't know about you, but I certainly never put two and two together.

4. Who knew abbreviations could stand for more than one name?


5. This is brand new information.

@Deph_Cru @bailingbri666 @rhymewithrachel

6. Knowledge truly is power.

7. I feel like my whole life has been a lie.

8. Finally the veil has been lifted and I can see clearly for the first time.


9. How sweet it is to finally see life the way God intended.

10. Life has a brand new meaning now.

11. Have we all been living a lie?

if jake is short for jacob then blake is short for blacob

12. To think I've been shortening names my whole life.


13. Everything makes sense now.