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    Definitive Proof That Mascots Hustle Harder Than You Do

    Mascots are people too.

    You may think you work hard for a living, but you don't know the true meaning of hustle until you've spent hours inside a mascot costume trying to make that coin.


    Last week, Twitter user @iPurrple shared a photo highlighting the behind-the-scenes life of mascots and it quickly went viral.

    Wake up hustlers, let’s get this bread. No days off

    @iPurrple / Via Twitter: @iPurrple

    The tweet turned into an incredibly wholesome thread of employees sharing their #mascotlife selfies.

    @iPurrple I’m with you my g 😂 by any means 🤑

    @_sambundles / Via Twitter: @_sambundles

    Work hard, play hard is the mascot motto.

    @iPurrple Ayy bro I've been trying to call you man wyd this weekend?

    @VitaminDrei / Via Twitter: @VitaminDrei

    Grind all day so you can party all night.

    @iPurrple Grind never stops!! 💪🏾💪🏾

    @mrmansaray / Via Twitter: @mrmansaray

    Look at this happy mascot, ready to give you all the high-fives in the world.

    @iPurrple @poookiexo_ This is a few years old but I found it a few days ago and wanted to share

    @DarianAnne / Via Twitter: @DarianAnne

    And someone please tell me why this mascot looks like it has the hottest tea to spill in the group chat?

    @iPurrple @kimemiley Damn right

    @_maddy415 / Via Twitter: @_maddy415

    Whether you're an animal mascot or a food mascot, the hustle never stops.

    @iPurrple should we even get into it

    @zeffcorwin / Via Twitter: @zeffcorwin

    Keep grinding friends.

    @iPurrple @jamesiegl .... Brother?

    @deepfriedsasuke / Via Twitter: @deepfriedsasuke

    Get that money you deserve.

    @iPurrple @DannyCristofaro Rise n’ grind😈😈

    @adamroolz / Via Twitter: @adamroolz

    And remember, inside every mascot is a tired human who deserves to making a crap load of money.

    @TaylorVarney1 @iPurrple @tvothh I feel that

    @maddieshmoon / Via Twitter: @maddieshmoon

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