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    Women Are Copying Wonder Woman's Sword-In-Dress Trick And It's Absolutely Badass

    *Looks up where to buy a sword online*

    Gal Gadot aka Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman is a total and complete badass.

    How badass is she, you ask? She freaking carries a sword in the back of her dress and makes it look effortless.

    I'll admit when I watched the movie I was concerned when I saw her sporting a sword down her dress. Is that comfortable? Wouldn't she stab herself? Is it even plausible that she could pull her sword out in a moment of crisis and not completely rip her dress??

    Well thankfully I wasn't the only person who had these questions. In fact, a bunch of women tried the trick out for themselves and are now posting photos of themselves in dresses with weapons tucked securely in the back.

    The photos are tagged with #WWgotyourback and it's probably the best new Instagram trend.

    Just look this mother-daughter warrior duo.

    Who needs a sword when you have a lightsaber?

    This look gives a whole new meaning to the word "slay."

    This look is elegant and dangerous, which is pretty much the ultimate display of girl power.

    Forget a necklace and clutch — swords are the new high-fashion accessory.

    Keep crushing it, ladies.