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People Are Tweeting Their Last Text As The Democrats' New Slogan

"My bad, lol."

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Think you have a great idea for the next slogan for the Democratic Party? Here's an idea: Just use the last text you sent. Matt Negrin tweeted out the concept, writing, "The last text you send is the Democrats' slogan for 2018," and people responded with fervor:

The last text you sent is the Democrats' slogan for 2018

Some were kind of hopeful.

@kashanacauley @MattNegrin "Almost there!"

@MattNegrin @petridishes "anyway, i'll certainly cross my fingers, i hope it pans out!!"


@MattNegrin "We'll find someone good"

Others were a little more bleak.

@MattNegrin “I will undoubtedly screw this up so completely you’ll hate yourself for ever trusting me, but please give me money” whoa


And then there were some that were a little too real.

“I mean, I’m showing up hungover anyway"

@MattNegrin I still think Jon and Khaleesi will rule together.

With so many options it'll be hard to choose the perfect slogan, but if the past year has taught us anything, maybe we should steer clear of this one.

@MattNegrin "What's your email? I'll send it"