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There Were Vagina Wigs At New York Fashion Week, And Yep, It's What You Imagined

You know, for when you want the carpet to match the drapes.

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The theme of KAIMIN's entire show was diversity and tolerance, and these punk-inspired vagina wigs (aka merkins) were chosen to represent that "this acceptance of individuality is the human vagina — which is alluded to in the live video at the show and is emphasized by the mohawk on the runway," KAIMIN said in a press release.

Albert Urso / Getty Images

And you bet those merkin mohawks didn't just appear on their own. There was a full team of hair stylists backstage from Prema, led by Dale Delaporte, in collaboration with Charlie Le Mindu, using ANTI hair products. Together they helped bring KAIMIN’s concept to reality.

Now, the merkin is nothing new. It traces its origins back to 1450, when women wore them to prevent crabs, lice, and other health and sanitary concerns. You've probably even seen one without realizing it — they're often used as props in movies and TV shows.