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    8 Travel Tips That Will Actually Help You Feel More At Home While You're Away

    For starters, skip the hotel coffee and bring your own.

    1. Unpack your suitcase as soon as you arrive.

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    Did you know that the hangers in hotel closets are ACTUALLY for you to use, not just stare at? It's easy to feel chaotic while traveling, especially when you're constantly digging around your suitcase to find things, so why not unpack? Seriously, my mom swears that hanging up your clothes and putting everything in a proper place will help you find some sort of normalcy while away from home.

    2. Pack one comfort item that always reminds you of home.

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    Whether it's an old worn-in sweatshirt that you curl up with at night, or a family photo you keep in your suitcase, bringing a physical reminder of home with you whenever you travel will help you feel grounded no matter where you are.

    3. Bring perfume, lotion, or even a scented candle for when you're feeling homesick.

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    Smell is one of the greatest memory triggers around, and for me, all it takes is one whiff of my favorite lotion to transport me back to my old front porch swing. So if you know you'll be traveling for a long period of time, make sure to squeeze in a little extra room in your suitcase for your favorite candle, lotion, or perfume.

    4. Pack your own pillow or pillowcase since you can't bring your whole bed with you.

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    A good night's sleep is crucial to keeping your spirits high while traveling, but obviously you can't fit your entire bed in a carry on (trust me, I've tried). What you can do is pack your favorite pillow, or even just your pillowcase (a trick my coworker Gyan swears by) so that your hotel bed feels a little more comfortable, and a little more like home.

    5. Buy a small bag of your favorite coffee or tea to make in your hotel room.

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    Why start your morning off on a bitter or bland note with hotel coffee and teas, when you could just brew the same drink you have every morning when you're at home? Packing bags of your favorite coffee or tea will ensure you start your morning off on the right foot every day while you're traveling. And to ensure your drink stays hot all day, pack along this $16 tumbler to bring with you!

    6. Pack or buy foods you usually eat at home.

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    I'll admit, I'm incredibly guilty of always eating out for every meal whenever I travel. But by the third day, my wallet is usually empty and my body is craving something that tastes familiar. So, if you're rocking the hotel life and only have access to a mini fridge and a microwave, hit up a grocery store and buy the same snacks you have at home. Take it from me, eating a PB&J at 3 a.m. makes me feel right at home no matter what country I'm in.

    7. Download a white noise app to help you sleep.

    Relax Melodies

    Now that I've been living in New York for a while, I've gotten used to the ambient city noises singing me to sleep. Which means whenever I travel, every hotel is way too quiet. But thankfully white noise apps like Relax Melodies exist, and now I can fall asleep to the sounds of NYC wherever I am. Most apps have dozens of sounds to choose between like rainstorms, coffee shops, and ocean waves so play around and find the perfect combination of noises to help lull you to sleep.

    8. And finally, stick to your routine.

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    Do you work out every morning before your start your day, or journal every night before you head to bed? Keeping up with those routines is one of the greatest ways to keep calm and feel less homesick while traveling. It's impossible to keep up with all your routines, but pick one or two that feel feasible and stick with them while you're away. Not only will it make traveling easier, but it'll make transitioning back home a breeze.

    What do you do when you travel to feel like you're home? Share in the comments!