People Are Wearing Tooth Gems Again So Fashion Has Come Full Circle

    Is that spinach in your teeth? Nope, just a jewel.

    Apparently every '90s fashion trend is coming back in style. As if it wasn't enough for jelly shoes and chokers to reemerge, tooth gems are now popping up across social media.

    i got these cute ass tooth gems last night / done by Ryan @ The Piercing Shop LV

    @dropxkick / Via Twitter: @dropxkick

    They've recently been spotted on several celebrities — from Katy Perry to Hailey Baldwin.

    They're perfect if you can't afford a full grill or if you just really like diamonds in your mouth.

    My girl @phiphibb gave me da cutest tooth was ur weekend?

    @wenzdaymusic / Via Twitter: @wenzdaymusic

    The gem may look like a piercing, but there is no drilling involved. The jewel is simply placed on the tooth with brace glue, and can last anywhere from 6 months to a full year.

    The gems are super versatile. You can keep it classy with some barely there bling.

    Or you can rep your favorite brands.

    You do you, boo.

    Just keep blingin'.