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This Model Received Hate On Twitter For Her Smile And People Quickly Came To Her Defense

"I'm very happy and confident about my smile lol next time share my @ and booking info."

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Allow me to introduce you to Symone Lu, a 19-year-old model working out of New York City.

@symone_lu / Instagram / Via

On Monday Twitter user GirlThatsSlim posted an incredibly offensive tweet making of fun of Symone's smile.

@GirlThatsSlim / Twitter / Via Twitter: @GirlThatsSlim

Well word got around to Symone after a fake Twitter account started responding to people as her.

@Symone_Lu / Instagram / Via

Despite the fake fan account, people still came to Symone's defense and encouraging her to keep pursuing modeling.

@EmilyyWalkeer / Twitter / Via Twitter: @EmilyyWalkeer
@Sim_MaDlamini / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Sim_MaDlamini
@Sescily_lmc / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Sescily_lmc

One user even shared their own photos to show that they also have a smile similar to Symone's.

@hanaway_shyanne / Twitter / Via Twitter: @hanaway_shyanne

Symone has encouraged fans to follow her official Twitter accounts, and not the fake pretending to be her.

@symone_lu / Instagram / Via Instagram: @symone_lu

Honestly, how anyone could hate on Symone is beyond me, because she is absolutely stunning.

@vonxmitch / Instagram / Via

Don't let these fools on Twitter keep you from being you, Symone. Keep slaying.

@symone_lu / Instagram / Via


Symone Lu's real Twitter account is Symone_Wynter. An earlier version of this post included tweets that were erroneously attributed to Symone.

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