These Are All The Popular Hair Colors Over The Past Century

    Raise your hand if you've tried all of these.

    So Allure just released 100 Years of Hair Color and it's absolutely mesmerizing.

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    The 1920s were dominated by cheek to chin length jet black hair à la actress Louise Brooks.

    Things lightened up in the 1930s when actress Jean Harlow introduced the world to the platinum blonde bob.

    During World War II the scarcity of dye had ladies opting for a more natural look and darker hair became popular again.

    All of that changed in the '50s thanks to one iconic lady: Marilyn Monroe.

    Audrey Hepburn's highlights made a big splash in the '60s due to a little filmed called Breakfast at Tiffany's.

    You may associate frosted tips with boy bands of the 1990s, but frosting became a huge hit with women back in the 1970s.

    The '80s took hair color experimentation to the extreme. There was more teasing, more hairspray, and of course way more colors.

    After all the hair abuse of the 1980s, things got a little more tame in the 1990s — chunky, easy to manage highlights took center stage.

    The 2000s can basically be summed up in one word: Ombre.

    These days everything from mermaid hair to rose gold highlights and everything in between are popular. It's all about COLOR, COLOR, COLOR.