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This Deaf Singer Earned A Golden Buzzer On "America's Got Talent" And It's Groundbreaking

I'm 100% crying and I don't even care.

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When Mandy Harvey stepped out on the stage of America's Got Talent last night, the judges had no idea what she had in store.

Need proof that you should never give up on your dream? This is @mandyharvey. #AGT

Standing next to Simon Cowell was Harvey's interpreter Sarah, and as she introduced herself the judges realized that Harvey was in fact deaf.


Harvey, 29, explained that she lost all of her hearing at the age of 18. "I have a connective tissue disorder, so basically I got sick and my nerves deteriorated," she told the judges.

While she started singing at a young age, she quit music after she lost her hearing. However Harvey returned to music after figuring out how to sing using muscle memory and visual tuners.

The judges pointed out that her shoes were off and Harvey explained that she kept tempo by feeling the vibrations through the floor.

We could all learn something from @mandyharvey. #AGT

When asked what song she had prepared to sing, Harvey told the judges that it was a song she wrote herself called "Try."

"After I lost my hearing I gave up, but I want to do more with my life than just give up," she said.

As Harvey sang, the judges and audience were clearly moved, and she barely made it 10 seconds into performing when the audience began to applaud. And before Harvey even finished her song, she was met with a standing ovation from the entire crowd.


When she finished singing, Simon Cowell told her, "I don't think you're going to need a translator for this," and reached across the table to hit the Golden Buzzer meaning Harvey would head straight through the competition to the live shows.

BREAKING NEWS: @SimonCowell used his #GoldenBuzzer on @mandyharvey! #AGT

It was a moment that left Harvey in tears, and everyone watching at home began tweeting about her performance.

#MandyHarvey made me cry as I watched her audition for #AGT Proof that being deaf or being different can't stop you in living life 😢😍

Actress Marlee Matlin who is also deaf praised Cowell for supporting the deaf community.

Dear @SimonCowell @AGT Thank you for reaffirming that deaf people can do ANYTHING, except hear. Bravo Mandy Harvey!

Even deaf model Nyle DiMarco tweeted about Harvey's performance congratulating her on her win.

Congrats @mandyharvey on @AGT!!! I love it when deaf people break barriers!!!