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This Is What Disney Princesses Would Look Like In 2017 And Honestly It's Fierce AF

Mulan = eyebrow goals.

We all know what the original Disney princesses look like, but haven't you ever wondered what Ariel, Jasmine, even Pocahontas would look like walking down the street today?

Well look no further, because thanks to illustrator Fernanda Suarez, we can now imagine would Disney princesses would look like in 2017.

Suarez drew inspiration for these illustrations from style vloggers as well as her favorite clothing stores.

"I wanted them to truly feel like people you would find on the streets nowadays," Suarez told BuzzFeed.

Suarez made sure to incorporate modern fashion, as well as current makeup trends and hairstyles, to make the illustrations feel as real and relatable as possible.

"People seem to really like them. I think people like that they look like someone you could know or be friends with today," Suarez said.

I didn't know I could be jealous of an illustration's make up, but here I am trying to copy Snow White's perfect pout.

And I dare someone to look me in my eyes and tell me Jasmine isn't smizing in this picture.

Now I have to go through the rest of my life knowing damn well I will never achieve as flawless of a look as these illustrations.

Thank you for blessing us with your art, Fernanda. Thank you so much.