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These Friends Keep Playing 'The Floor Is Lava' Out In Public And It's Actually Epic

Don't touch the ground.

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Who remembers playing 'the floor is lava' as a kid?

Usually you played it on one of those wooden jungle gyms, or in the basement of your best friend's house.

@jennalynbeth / Via

The game involved someone declaring that the ground was an awful molten lava and the object was to NEVER TOUCH THE GROUND.

But best friends Kevin Freshwater and Jahannah James are bringing the game back as adults and it's pretty epic.

@AlexCacharro / Via Twitter: @AlexCacharro

Whether they're out at a park.

Kevin Freshwater / Via

Doing some grocery shopping.

Kevin Freshwater / Via

Or even getting a smoothie.

Jahannah James / Via

Once they learn the floor is lava they have 5 seconds to get to safety.

Jahannah James / Via

Calling it right now, the lava challenge is totally going to become a thing.

Jahannah James / Via

Who's ready to play?

Fox / Via

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