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This Clown-Only Screening Of The Movie "It" Is Actual Nightmare Fuel

Absolutely not. No way. Nope.

The Alamo Drafthouse theater in Austin ruffled some feathers when they hosted women-only showings of Wonder Woman, but they've outdone themselves this time by hosting a clown-only screening of the new horror film It.

Warner Bros.

According to the theater's site, participants should come "dressed as a clown in order to attend. Please arrive in your own Pennywise best and be ready to float with us." It's literally going to be a bunch of people dressed as scary clowns watching a movie about a very scary clown, and I swear I've had a nightmare just like this.

Warner Bros.

If you've yet to see the trailer, you are very lucky because this movie looks legitimately terrifying, but here it is if you're curious or if you're just a masochist who's into this type of thing.

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Oh and want to know the worst part about this ridiculous ordeal? The clown-only showing is already sold out. A full theater's worth of people have already said, "You know what, I'm okay with dressing like a creepy-ass clown and watching a scary movie."

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