People Are Sharing Side Profile Selfies To Prove That All Noses Are Beautiful

    The #SideProfileSelfie campaign wants to destroy the notion that "you can’t be beautiful unless you have a snub little ski-slope of a nose."

    This past Tuesday, Radhika Sanghani, a UK based freelance journalist, shared a photo of herself on Twitter to try and help normalize big noses. She dubbed the campaign #sideprofileselfie, and encouraged others to share their own pictures.

    Breaking the big nose taboo with my new campaign on the #sideprofileselfie!! Let’s stop hating our noses for not be…

    @radhikasanghani / Via Twitter: @radhikasanghani

    Sanghani explained her motivation to start the movement in a piece for Grazia Daily, saying, "I’ve spent my whole life hiding from a side-profile photograph."

    I grew up thinking that you can’t be beautiful unless you have a snub little ski-slope of a nose, like Kate Middleton or Mila Kunis — and I know other women have too [...] I feel like the only taboo that hasn’t been broken is the big nose, and it’s not right. We've seen the unfiltered spotty skin, the stretch marks, the cellulite and the body hair all being reclaimed as our own and beautiful online. But noses are still hidden in subtle head tilts and awkward poses. We need change. It’s why I’m using this article to launch the #sideprofileselfie.

    The movement quickly took off and the side selfies started rolling in.

    For those used to holding their face at a certain angle to hide their nose, taking a side selfie was quite the challenge.

    Some even admitted that this was their first time ever posting a photo of their face at this angle online!

    Although the body positive movement has helped the beauty industry start opening the door for plus-size models and unretouched photos, big noses are still not featured as prominently as smaller noses, and that's exactly what Sanghani wants to change.

    @radhikasanghani I’ve always been insecure of my nose and it’s always secretly brought me down, especially because…

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    Big, small, narrow, or wide, all noses should be celebrated because they help make each person unique, and that's beautiful in and of itself.

    I hated the dent in my nose! But thanks to @radhikasanghani and her #sideprofileselfie campaign, I now think it’s q…

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    Here's to accepting ourselves for who we are and how we look and to more side profile selfies.