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    People Don't Know What To Do About The New "Spider-Man: Homecoming" Poster

    Who? What? When? Where? Why? How???

    So here's the deal. Spider-Man: Homecoming is set to come out in July, but today they released a new poster for the film, and it is a lot to process.

    Marvel Studios

    There are 10 people on this poster, which is at least seven people too many.

    Take a moment for your eyes to adjust and soak it all in.

    Marvel Studios

    This isn't some graphic design student's midterm project. This is a real poster. Let's break it down section by section, shall we? We'll start at the bottom and slowly work our way to the top.

    Marvel Studios

    Alright, this is fine. It gives the impression that this will be a run-of-the-mill movie poster. We see sparks, the title, and the date it's released. All should be fine, right? Wrong.

    Now we move up to the middle section, and boy is it a doozy.

    Marvel Studios

    Okay, so we have Iron Man in the full suit just chillin'. Then we have Zendaya gazing into the distance looking like a total badass. Directly to her left is Marvel veteran Jon Favreau buttoning his suit, because what else would you be doing in an action movie?

    Next there is good old Marisa Tomei aka Aunt May looking younger than ever. Hovering above them all is Michael Keaton looking like he's about to murder someone. And of course we have shots of Washington, DC, and New York City in the background just to add a little flair.

    Overwhelmed yet? Too bad, because we still have one more third to go. Now we move all the way to the top for our final section.

    Marvel Studios

    All right, now we finally have shots of Tom Holland, our newest Spider-Man. Holland looks like he's about to kick ass, take names, and do it all before he has to be home for dinner. Then we have a whole "angel and demon" vibe going on to Holland's left and right.

    On the left we have a giant, full-costumed Spider-Man and on the right is Robert Downey Jr. aka Iron Man. Not gonna lie, RDJ totally looks like Holland's disapproving father, and it's pretty great.

    Twitter, of course, tried to improve it, but got lost in the battle.

    I'll be honest: I tried to improve the very busy SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING poster, and I no longer know where the origi…

    @kylebuchanan / Via Twitter: @kylebuchanan

    Others went for a more simplified approach.

    wow love this spider-man homecoming poster

    @solavellan / Via Twitter: @solaveIIan

    And then there's this Robert Downey Jr.–focused approach.

    An even more accurate poster for Spider-Man Homecoming by @MonsieurFunches

    @oheysteenz / Via Twitter: @oheysteenz

    BRB. Gonna go lie down for a minute cause this poster has me all kinds of confused.

    MTV / Via

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