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Wait, Do You Guys Pay For Thanksgiving Dinner With Your Family?

The debate is ~lit~.

Twitter user Beetaylora recently tweeted that she pays $30 for a plate of food at Thanksgiving with her family, and it quickly turned into a heated debate.

@beetaylora / Via Twitter: @beetaylora

Some couldn't wrap their heads around family members actually charging people for food.

@MsLaFitteTweets / Via Twitter: @MsLaFitteTweets

Isn't showing up and dealing with family drama payment enough?

@ottergawd / Via Twitter: @ottergawd

While others defended the payment by describing just how much money goes into cooking the dinner.

@TheKitchenista / Via Twitter: @TheKitchenista

The discussion definitely required some follow-up questions.

@EastAfricanCurl / Via Twitter: @EastAfricanCurl

And some logistics needed to be worked out.

@DCUmack / Via Twitter: @DCUmack
@TheCosby / Via Twitter: @TheCosby

Of course, there are always some loopholes around paying.

@ToeKnee2GX / Via Twitter: @ToeKnee2GX

But if you do pay, you have to make sure you're getting your money's worth.

@TheDakari / Via Twitter: @TheDakari

And if you can afford it, why not go all out and pay for that VIP treatment?

@DeionGottaSTFU / Via Twitter: @DeionGottaSTFU

Personally I've never paid, but now I'm thinking maybe I owe my family a lot of interest on Thanksgiving payments.

  1. So do you pay your family for Thanksgiving dinner?

    So do you pay your family for Thanksgiving dinner?

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So do you pay your family for Thanksgiving dinner?
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    Hell yeah I do!
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    Hell no I don't!
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    I don't pay, but I definitely bring sides to eat!