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    15 Tweets That'll Make You Say "That Ain't No Problem"

    Oh, so guac costs extra? That ain't no problem.

    Thanks to the ever expressive sports commentator Shannon Sharpe, Twitter has a brand new video meme spreading across the site.

    That video of Shannon Sharpe saying "That ain't no problem" repeatedly is my favorite video on the internet at the moment. How high his voice is yet how certain he is always takes me out

    @ScoobySteve15 / Via Twitter: @ScoobySteve15

    Sharpe's perfectly delivered "that ain't no problem" is practically the millennial antithesis of the baby boomer "let me speak to your manager" motto. And while new memes are created and shared everyday, Twitter kind of nailed this one.


    *puppy starts jumping on me* owner: im sorry. he just gets so excited to meet new people. me:

    @ottergawd / Via Twitter: @ottergawd


    Anyone: I’m so sorry, but unfortunately I cant make it Me, still in the bed:

    @youmakeme_YAWN / Via Twitter: @youmakeme_YAWN


    Popeyes: Its gonna be a 10 minute wait for spicy Me:

    @QueenCey_ / Via Twitter: @QueenCey_


    Professor: “Unfortunately class is canceled today due to illness. We have to postpone to the test to the following week” Me:

    @HatimTheDream / Via Twitter: @HatimTheDream


    @Claudio_GSN / Via Twitter: @Claudio_GSN


    critic: mamma mia 2 is just more abba covers me:

    @Donnasheridcn / Via Twitter: @donnasheridcn


    Bill collector: so you will make a payment tomorrow? My lying ass:

    @charles270 / Via Twitter: @charles270


    Professor: “I’ll give extra credit, but you have to attend this event.” Me:

    @MrPresident_51 / Via Twitter: @MrPresident_51


    Me: can I have the 12 count nugget meal, 4 Polynesian sauces, 5 Chick-fil-A sauces, 6 bbq sauces and 4 ranches. Chick-fil-A employee:

    @Dennie302 / Via Twitter: @Dennie302


    Supervisor: We're super slow today. I hate to send you home but... Me:

    @SoWaveyRockwell / Via Twitter: @SoWaveyRockwell


    Fiona: When I was a child, a witch put a spell on me that turns me into an ogre Shrek:

    @yeezus_jd / Via Twitter: @yeezus_jd


    Parent: If you don’t tell me who did it y’all both getting whoopins Me- #ShannonSharpe #ThatAintNoProblem @ShannonSharpe

    @IamWillMaxwell / Via Twitter: @IamWillMaxwell


    “Delete my number and stop talking to me, we done.” Me:

    @Iavalcarmel / Via Twitter: @lavalcarmel


    Chuckie: But Tommy, our mommies told us to stay right here. What if they’re monsters out there Tommy Pickles:

    @OMGits_Khairy / Via Twitter: @OMGits_Khairy


    When You Just Started A New Job And They Ask Can You Stay Late. #ShannonSharpe

    @Mariah2CoolRobZ / Via Twitter: @Mariah2CoolRobZ

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