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    Students Took The PSATs Today And The Memes Are Abundant

    "Do NoT pOsT aBoUt ThE PsAt On ThE iNtErNet."

    Students across the country took the PSATs today. It left them with a lot of questions about ping pong balls and tomatoes, and thankfully their confusion led to a plethora of memes.

    CollegeBoard: Do not post about the #PSAT on the internet Twitter: Do NoT pOsT aBoUt ThE PsAt On ThE iNtErNet

    The test seemed to start off rough for some people.

    When you guess on the first question but the next question says "What choice provides evidence for the previous que…

    Students had to figure out how to print brochures.

    When you only have 8 minutes to print 3200 brochures #psat

    And they brainstormed the many uses of ping pong balls.

    me trying to figure how people thought of more uses of ping pong balls besides actual ping pong #psat

    Many students were hung up on their tomatoes.

    When you have to choose between a long life and being tasty #PSAT

    if he comes thru w the modern tomatoes it’ll be quiet but if he comes thru with the oLd tOmAtOes homeboy is gonna like ᵍᵉᵗ ᶦᵗ #PSAT

    I'm selling my homegrown heirloom tomatoes for a reasonable price of 20 euros converted to US dollars then pounds. Hmu if interested #PSAT

    We out here tryna get the best of both worlds #PSAT

    And there was a lot of shit talking about their "shrimp of a husband."

    Me looking for a job at the bookstore when my shrimp of a husband divorces me #PSAT #PSAT2017

    when ur shrimp of a husband brings home ripe tomatoes, u don’t have any mtDNA left & u don’t have enough class to w…

    Of course there was some horoscope action.

    And there was even talk of a very salty sea relationship.

    i am a: ⚪️ fish ⚪️ squid 🔘 clam looking for my: ⚪️ plant ⚪️ tree 🔘 seagrass #PSAT #PSAT2017

    Oh, and lest we forget the lurking deer ruining your writing career.

    When you're trying to write a new book but there's a deer outside your window looking at you #PSAT

    But perhaps the funniest part about the PSATs is that every student signed a contract telling the College Board they wouldn't share information about the test.

    me going through all of the #PSAT memes knowing i signed a contract saying i wouldn’t

    So, you sweet innocent teens, enjoy your internet fame while you can before the College Board comes knocking on your door!

    You once Collegeboard contacts you about your tweets exposing test material #PSAT

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