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This Twitter Account Is Exposing The Real Names For Everyday Objects And It's Mindblowing

Welcome to the new world. H/T Correct Names

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1. Oh, you call this milk? Think again.

2. Can I interest you in a glass of melted snowman?


3. Or maybe a bowl of cereal?

4. Perhaps you prefer your food on the raw side.

5. Once you're done eating, we can go out and see some wildlife.

6. Baa, baa, black sheep, I'm sorry I've said your name wrong all these years.

7. Maybe we can even see some unicorns.


8. Or some wild marshmallows floating about.

9. Sometimes it's nice to just take in the sights around you.

10. After all, nature is pretty magical.

11. We could also just stay inside and listen to some music.

12. I don't know about you, but I prefer my music in the nude.


13. And sometimes I just wanna bang on things.

14. But nothing really beats relaxing at home.

15. And resting your limbs after a long day.

16. Though you've got to make sure it doesn't get too hot inside.

17. And there are few things better than finishing your day with a nice nightcap.


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