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    19 Tweets For Anyone Who's Literally Melting In This Heat Wave

    "Day drinking in this kinda heat was pretty much exercise."


    Humidity is just a fancy way of saying even the air is sweating.

    @Darlainky / Via Twitter: @Darlainky


    Me when I left home this morning vs. three minutes later

    @Johnny_Allman / Via Twitter: @Johnny_Allman


    Bruh I opened the door and it even SOUNDED hot outside

    @KaiDavisPoet / Via Twitter: @KaiDavisPoet


    Me: It's so hot... Crowd: (in unison) How hot is it?! Me: ...that I'm sad.

    @KevinMcCaff / Via Twitter: @KevinMcCaff


    @flor_demaga / Via Twitter: @flor_demaga


    i told my mom to turn the AC on she said talk when u pay the bills. when i die of heat and the funeral bill comes i hope she has the same energy

    @shordyka / Via Twitter: @shordyka


    @513PRINCEAPE / Via Twitter: @513PRINCEAPE


    Ah, yes, I see that it’s “noticeable-butt-sweat-on-the-seat-of-your-pants” degrees outside today

    @ZaneCraigmile / Via Twitter: @ZaneCraigmile


    It’s too hot to be texting back... I’ll reply in October.

    @kaylaguzzman / Via Twitter: @kaylaguzzman


    Me pretending that my natural deodorant is holding up in this heat as I lose all control over what's happening in my armpit area

    @GmPaiella / Via Twitter: @GMPaiella


    Saturday in NYC felt like the sun was trying to give us a warm hug Today feels like the sun, tired of our shit, has pulled a towel from the dryer, hot but still moist and heavy, and is attempting to smother us with it

    @HayesBrown / Via Twitter: @HayesBrown


    It's so hot I microwaved my head just to cool down a little.

    @ColoradoUgly / Via Twitter: @ColoradoUgly


    @Billybknowin / Via Twitter: @Billybknowin


    Day drinking in this kinda heat was pretty much exercise

    @yc / Via Twitter: @yc


    If you have sex in this heat and your AC is broken. You are a serial killer.

    @ScottieBeam / Via Twitter: @ScottieBeam


    How's my hair holding up in this humidity???

    @JolentaG / Via Twitter: @JolentaG


    How's the weather today, you ask? It's so humid, my toenail polish stuck on to my socks and peeled off upon removal of my socks.

    @FloerIt / Via Twitter: @FloerIt


    It is so hot that I've gone from masturbating in front of a box fan to masturbating TO the box fan.

    @ChaseMit / Via Twitter: @ChaseMit


    on the one hand i want to learn to cook well & on the other i never want to not describe frosted flakes as a "nice cool dinner in this heat"

    @christinefriar / Via Twitter: @christinefriar

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