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Screw Christmas Trees, Ring In The Holidays With Christmas Beard Ornaments Instead

O' Christmas beard, o' Christmas beard, much pleasure thou can'st give me.

Christmas trees. How outdated, am I right?

Kiankhoon / Getty Images

They had a good run, but it's 2017 people. It's time for something bold, something that will scream "Merry Christmas bitches." Something like... Christmas beard ornaments.

Christmas Beard Ornaments are a real thing. This will go perfect with your Man Romper and a guitar that you spend 2…

@BradyOnAir / Via Twitter: @BradyOnAir

Gone are the days of overpaying for Christmas trees that you'll just throw out at the end of the month. Think of how much cheaper it would be to just grow a beard and hang ornaments on yourself!

Beard baubles. These are a thing. Hours of fun.

@Beckybim / Via Twitter: @Beckybim

These have been around for a few years no signs of disappearing.

Or, if you can't grow a beard, hire a bearded friend to stand in the corner of your living room all December. Hang the ornaments in his beard, wrap a string of lights around him and BAM you've got yourself a new holiday decoration.

Piksel / Getty Images

Just look at this Christmas beard. Does it not scream both holly AND jolly?

My grandma sent me Christmas ornaments for my beard

@NotABonerGarage / Via Twitter: @NotABonerGarage

I do believe it was Buddy the Elf, was it not, who said, "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by hanging ornaments from your beard."

So I got some pretty interesting reactions last night with my #beardbaubles around Manchester, a couple of selfies…

@Sean12697 / Via Twitter: @Sean12697

Really nothing truly says, "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night" like a beard filled with Christmas ornaments, right ladies?

Perhaps I should buy these baubles for @ProfMobius to put in his beard for Christmas 🤔

@RazzleberryFox / Via Twitter: @RazzleberryFox

So skip the tired old tree this season and go out and find yourself a beard to decorate. I know that's how I'll be spending this holiday season.

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