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Pink Will Sing The National Anthem During The Super Bowl And I'm Already Feeling Patriotic

I'm starting an official petition to change the colors of the flag to red, white, and pink.

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On Monday morning the NFL officially announced that Pink, aka my one true queen Alecia Beth Moore, will be singing the National Anthem during the pregame ceremony at Super Bowl LII.

NFL: @Pink will sing the National Anthem at #SuperBowl LII.

@DanLinden / Via Twitter: @DanLinden

This will be the first time Pink performs on the Super Bowl stage and fans are pretty damn excited.

Peeing my pants in excitement that @Pink is singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. Halftime show in 2019?

@pcrowl / Via Twitter: @pcrowl

The Super Bowl LII performance lineup is definitely bringing back some old memories.

@kpatra / Via Twitter: @kpatra

Some started to wonder if Pink would use this platform to make a political statement.

Imagine if @Pink started singing 'Dear Mr. President' instead of the national anthem. Such a P!nk thing to do 😂

@charmeddimitris / Via Twitter: @charmeddimitris

Others wished she had even more performance time.

Why is @Pink singing the National Anthem instead of performing the Half Time Show at the #SuperBowl?!!

@gregnisall / Via Twitter: @gregnisall

Whatever the case, I know she's going to crush it.

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