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Beyoncé Might Be In Labor And People Can't Handle It

These babies have already mastered the art of arriving fashionably late.

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There's a rumor floating around that Beyoncé is in labor which means the Beyhive is on full alert.

Where is Beyoncé? She's been too quiet. Are the twins born? Are they okay? Did she find Becky with the good hair? W…

While the rumors have yet to be confirmed, fans are already feeling for Beyoncé and her labor pains.

Beyoncé is in labor which means I'm in labor too sorry I can't study today I gotta lay in bed all day

The last time she posted on Instagram was May 30, and people are beginning to think she's gone into hiding with her babies.

goodmorning everyone especially the twins Beyoncé is holding hostage

I mean, fans are beyond excited for Beyoncé to give birth.

Beyoncé in labor? Me: "I'm here to see the twins, don't touch me Tina, excuse me"


Like honestly where is Beyoncé and her perfect twins?

Beyoncé has officially disappeared to another dimension to concieve the twins and will return shortly.

Every day people are praying for her immaculate babies to arrive.

Today is the 12th and Beyoncé is having her twins.

I mean, she's having twins, so it would only make perfect sense for them to be born during Gemini season.

Every day that the twins aren't born feels like a lifetime.

So like..... has Beyoncé had the twins yet or did we forget all about that?


Could you imagine being the nurse who gets to deliver Beyoncé's freaking children?

Nurse: Hey doctor we need you to come in, Beyoncé is in labor OB/GYN:

Can anyone remember pre-pregnancy Beyoncé?

i literally don't remember a time before beyonce was pregnant