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This New Hair-Dyeing Technique Is A Unicorn Lover's Dream

It's just so freakin' shiny.

So basically 2017 has absolutely no chill when it comes to all the unicorn/holographic/mermaid trends. We drank the Unicorn Frappuccino Crème.

We dabbled with holographic lipsticks.

We even ate mermaid toast.

But now there is a new hair trend that basically encompasses all the mermaid/unicorn/hologram looks we know and love. Allow me to introduce you to pearlescent hair.

This technicolor wonderland has everything you could ever want in a hair trend.

It's got silver tones, and rose tones, and teal tones, and basically every pastel color in the rainbow.

#Pearlhair πŸ¦„πŸ΅πŸ˜

You can rock it with long hair.

#PearlHair sooo pretty! 😍

@MsCinnable / Via Twitter: @MsCinnable

Or with a bob.

Gorgeous coloring! Opal Hair!😍😍😍

Ronika Melashenke / Via Twitter: @RonikaM67744479

You can even achieve peak mermaid hair with a pixie cut, too.

Opal/Angel hair dye!!! Can anyone else see Jiminie rocking the hell (heavenπŸ€”) out of this??? Do it Jimin!! πŸ‘ΌπŸ»β€¦

@Cheeky815 / Via Twitter: @Cheeky815

Just look at how delicate it is in a braid.

With so many colors, you can match your lipstick AND your shades to your hair.

What are you doing? Stop reading this and go make a hair appointment ASAP.

Go forth, my colorful friends, and dye, dye away.

Cartoon Network / Via
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