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Kim Kardashian's New 16-Shade Concealer Line Celebrates Diversity In The Best Way

The ads include her mom, grandmother, and women of a broad range of ages and skin colors.

Kim Kardashian announced today that her makeup line KKW Beauty will finally release concealer kits on March 23 after nearly eight months of experimenting with formulas.

KKW Beauty

The three-piece under eye concealer kit is made up of a liquid concealer, a baking powder, and finally a brightening powder — which according to Kim is her secret weapon. "I'll dip my brush in the brightening powder and kind of use it to brush off the baking powder, and then I'll go back and use it right on the darker spots of my under-eyes and let it sit there," Kim told Allure.

The liquid concealer will come in 16 different shades, which is huge, considering KKW Beauty was originally criticized for only offering eight shades of contour sticks.

The new colors are broken up into four main categories: light, medium, dark, and deep-dark. "For each category, we have two cool options and two warm options, so I feel like there will be something for everyone," Kim said.


Along with adding more diverse makeup shades, the ad campaign for the new concealer features women of different ages, skin tones, and body types.

KKW Beauty

"We really had to make sure that the concealer worked on different skin types and ages as well, so it was important to show that in the campaign," Kim said.

The campaign also shows Kim posing alongside her grandmother, M.J., and everyone's favorite momager, Kris. I honestly haven't seen a trio this iconic since Destiny's Child.

KKW Beauty

At 83 years old, M.J. is totally rocking Kim's new concealer line and apparently had no trouble learning to how to apply it. "I mean, she's really smart and savvy, but she doesn't wear a whole lot of makeup," Kim said about her grandmother. "So if she can figure it out and if she likes it, then I'm happy."

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