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People Are Sharing Their Favorite Petty Phrases To Use In Work Emails And They're Pretty Great

Per our conversation this morning, Courtney, see the attached file!

So last week writer Danielle Rene asked her followers on Twitter to share their "favorite phrase to use in a professional clap back" and the responses got real pettty, real quick.

What is your favorite phrase to use in a professional clap back? Mine is "per my last email..."

@DeeRene_ / Via Twitter: @DeeRene_

Here we have the professional way to say, "Ummm can you fucking not?"

@DeeRene_ "Going forward, I would prefer that you..."

@FeministaJones / Via Twitter: @FeministaJones

For when you want your coworkers to know you're definitely keeping receipts.

@DeeRene_ "In an effort to maintain clarity/transparency..."

@realthill / Via Twitter: @realthill

And when you've been waiting a week for a project that should have taken a day.

@crumr018 @ceceliagrace @ameliareads @lindsayinMPLS @sjacobs @MalMitch1079 @DeeRene_ I LOVE an "Any updates on this?"

@_verytrue / Via Twitter: @_verytrue

There's even a scale for how to end your emails depending on your mood.

@clifftothemound @CoolGreyDreams @DeeRene_ @TheMaroonV My scale: "Kind regards" = default "Regards" = I'm pissed o…

@Charleswriters / Via Twitter: @charleswrites

Oh, and if you were wondering if your professor is over your shit? They are.

@DeeRene_ Ima go with: 'Check the syllabus'

@bybriancook / Via Twitter: @bybriancook

And the pettiest phrase to end all work emails with in the future.

@DeeRene_ lmao nothing is more passive-aggressive than "PLEASE ADVISE...."

@eNPHAN / Via Twitter: @eNPHAN

Happy emailing!

Adam Thomas
  1. What's your favorite petty work email phrase?

    What's your favorite petty work email phrase?

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What's your favorite petty work email phrase?
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    Please advise...
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    Per our conversation this morning...
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    See the attached file...
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    Per my last email...
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    Check the syllabus...
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    For future reference...
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    To maintain transparency...
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    Any updates on....
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    Something else that I'll leave in the comments...

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