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Jay Z Fake Laughing For A Picture Is Basically All Of Us

Insert Jay Z laugh sound here.

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Also in attendance last night was comedian Kevin Hart who could not stop smiling and laughing throughout the evening.

Enikonhart / Via

It seems like Kevin and Jay Z were living it up right? Well after the game was over the two got together to take a picture. That's when Jay Z pulled the oldest Instagram trick in the book and asked the photographer to, "Take the picture while we talking."

"Take the picture while we talking." Hahhhhahahaa


Asking someone to take a picture while you're talking with a friend so that it looks candid is basically Instagram 101, we definitely feel you Jay Z.

He's even perfected the art of the fake laugh.

Jay Z literally got that Old Rich Billionaire laugh

Now it has people questioning which of his pics are candid and which are staged.

@LowKeyUHTN so thats how he always get good pictures like this lol 😂🤣