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This View Is So Pretty People Are Having A Hard Time Believing It's Real

Either way it's pretty damn gorgeous.

Youtuber, author and overall bad-ass Lilly Singh is currently living her best life, and on Sunday she tweeted a picture of her morning view that left us all reeling with FOMO.

Work so hard that your morning view looks like it was photoshopped.

Lilly Singh / Via Twitter: @IISuperwomanII

The view is so gorgeous that it seems almost too good to be true, and it left some people wondering if it was even real.

@IISuperwomanII i remain convinced you were watching Ratatouille and simply took a screenshot

@connorfranta / Via Twitter: @connorfranta

I'm only half convinced the picture is actually real.

@IISuperwomanII looks like a pixar movie 😍

@YellowMellowMG / Via Twitter: @YellowMellowMG

Are you sure you didn't just take a screen grab while you were watching Netflix?

@IISuperwomanII Am I the only one who thought this was a screen grab from "Meet The Robinsons"?

@HenryBMusic / Via Twitter: @HenryBMusic

According to her Twitter location, the picture was taken in Prague, Czech Republic. One quick Google search will show you that basically all of Prague looks like it's from a Pixar film.

Can you even believe this is a real place that you can go to?

BRB going to buy a one way ticket to Prague.