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19 Things Only People Who Survived Vacation Bible School Will Remember

I am a C, I am a C-H, I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N.

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1. First things first, there are basically three main VBS themes: Space, Superhero, and Beach.

Summer break is coming and that means VBS is coming! Here is a link to our FBB website! Sign up here at this link!…

@FBBonifay / Via Twitter: @FBBonifay

2. Nowadays wearing the same shirt five days in a row is frowned upon, but during VBS it was a rite of passage.

@wilsonizekor22 / Via Twitter: @wilsonizekor22

3. For some reason every worship song had its own dance that you wouldn’t fully nail down until the end of the week.

TV One / Via

At least Father Abraham told you the dance steps.

4. You loved the feeling of singing along to Big House and nailing the Touchdown line.

5. And you knew as soon as you heard the first few notes of “Awesome God” that worship time was about to get ~lit~.

my lil cousin decided to try on his halloween costume today and..... ima just leave this here

@YoungJMuzik / Via Twitter: @YoungJMuzik

6. You prayed for strength whenever you and your best friend were split into different bible teams.

ABC / Via

7. And you about died when your crush let you wear their WWJD bracelet.

have some extra WWJD bracelets so let me know if you want one!

@annajohnst / Via Twitter: @annajohnst

You knew it was meant to be if they had a cloth bracelet instead of the rubber ones.

8. You mentally prepared for snack time, because it meant eating off-brand Oreos, Cheese Nips, and warm Sprite.

Whatchu know bout them Vacation Bible School hood cookies!


No shade or anything, but I'm pretty sure our parents tithed enough money that you can afford actual Oreos.

9. You know there are only two ways a fountain can flow — deep and wide.

10. You only found out that "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" was not an original Christian hymn years later.

AINT NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH 😜 👊/||\_ _/¯ ¯\_ AINT NO VALLEY LOW ENOUGH 👋 \ 😳 || \_ _/¯ ¯\_

@pprettywindy / Via Twitter: @pprettywindy

You still got down to it though.

11. You were dead serious about crafting and nobody could come for your beaded bracelet game or your construction paper crosses.

@gemsc13 / Via

Of course the colors of the beads told a story. Red was Christ's blood, black was sin....

12. You started to think you should pursue a career in acting after they chose you to star as Mary in the birth of Jesus skit

NBC / Via

Just be thankful you weren't cow #2 in the Noah's Arc skit.

13. You got really good at games that involved memorizing bible verses.

@littlehebrewschool / Via

You always had those short verses on deck like John 11:35, "Jesus wept."

14. If you worked at VBS then you knew making an entire set out of paper and cardboard meant going home with paper cuts all over.

@kidzturn / Via

15. You also knew a $50 budget doesn't cover costumes for the skits so you'd have to improvise.

Our VBS Closing! With the rusty soldier, what a guy that Paul is lol

Craig Gaulton / Via Twitter: @CraigGaulton

16. The songs got stuck in your head all week and sometimes still pop into your head at the strangest times.

Sony Pictures / Via

17. And you knew the struggle of trying to make Jesus relatable to kids through any means necessary.

@nikkihobus / Via

18. By the end of the week you were exhausted and so ready for VBS to be over.

@bobbyaaron_ / Via

19. But you knew all the work was worth it during the final worship party.

@therockchurchca / Via

Here's to you VBS. May you live forever.

Lions Gate / Via

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