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    People From "Shithole" Countries Are Sharing Their Accomplishments And It's Truly Inspiring

    These are the people who make America great.

    During a meeting with lawmakers in the Oval Office on Thursday, President Trump dismissed the idea of the US wanting more immigrants from Haiti or El Salvador, and referred to African nations as "shithole countries," BuzzFeed News confirmed.

    In response to the comment, people from these "shithole" countries began sharing their accomplishments in a viral Twitter thread, and the results are powerful.

    I’m a future Doctor. I’m a medical student. I have 3 degrees. I speak 3 languages. I‘m published in Psych-Oncology.…

    @AF_Rodisiac / Via Twitter: @AF_ROdisiac

    Some shared scholastic accomplishments.

    @AF_ROdisiac I’m a future clinical psychologist. A student & mother. Active youth advocate. President of a youth…

    @nyapapiya / Via Twitter: @nyapapiya

    Others talked about their humanitarian efforts.

    @AF_ROdisiac Future career in Medicine. I can read in write in two languages. I sit on the board of directors for…

    @balangchuol / Via Twitter: @balangchuol

    There were future journalists.

    -First generation to come to the USA -First in my family to finish college (May 2018) -Future broadcast journalist…

    @MissLokonobei / Via Twitter: @MissLokonobei

    And business owners.

    - First generation Sudanese In America -First to child of six to graduate college (September 2019 ) -future busines…

    @Guyefurula / Via Twitter: @Guyefurula

    Even medical professionals.

    I’m a future nurse I’m bilingual I’m a honor student And I came from a #shithole country! People like me always…

    @Marvinmolina007 / Via Twitter: @Marvinmolina007

    Scrolling through the tweets, one common theme runs through: These people are dedicating their lives to helping others.

    I’m a mentor. I’m a future Journalist. I’m a writer for NABJ @ Uiowa. I’m president of ASA @Uiowa. I’m a former rep…

    @adheljok / Via Twitter: @adheljok

    While these accomplishments are worth celebrating, no one should have to prove they're worthy of being treated with respect, especially by the president of the United States.

    Worth noting that today is Alexander Hamilton’s Birthday - you know, the immigrant kid who came from the shithole of Nevis to create the USA

    @JohnAvlon / Via Twitter: @JohnAvlon