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Literally Just A Bunch Of Funny Tweets About Amazon Buying Out Whole Foods

"I, too, spend $13.7 billion at Whole Foods."

This morning Amazon announced that it is buying Whole Foods Market for roughly $13.7 billion, and obviously Twitter had a lot to say about the deal.

Feel sad for the mom and pop $6 asparagus water sellers that are gonna lose so much of the market share now that Amazon bought Whole Foods.

@Kersimus / Via Twitter: @mariskreizman

Was Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos actually behind the purchase, or did Alexa make it by mistake?

Bezos: "Alexa, buy me something from Whole Foods" Alexa: "Buying Whole Foods" Bezos: Shit

Jeff Lewis / Via Twitter: @ChicagoPhotoSho

Maybe it was just a misunderstanding?

Bezos to personal assistant: "Pick me up some groceries, please." Assistant: "OK, I just bought Whole Foods."

Ed Bott / Via Twitter: @edbott

Seems like a fair price.

I, too, spend $13.7 billion at Whole Foods.

Slade Sohmer / Via Twitter: @Slade

OK, an exaggeration, but...

Amazon buys Whole Foods for 13.7 billion, roughly equivalent to 11 shopping bags of their organic berries.

Warren Leight / Via Twitter: @warrenleightTV

I guess now we know where Jeff Bezos spends all his money.

"I just spent my whole paycheck on Whole Foods." —Jeff Bezos

J.R. McGrail / Via Twitter: @JRMcGrail

So maybe this means no more waiting in hourlong lines at Whole Foods on Sunday?

All I can hope for is free prime delivery on my groceries from Whole Foods.

Casey Kelley / Via Twitter: @ckelley

Some hypothesized what companies will merge next.

Seth Abramovitch / Via Twitter: @SethAbramovitch

But honestly it's about time we recognized the true power of Amazon.

USA. United States of Amazon. (Amazon buys Whole Foods, what's next)

@PhotoDweck / Via Twitter: @PhotoDweck