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    31 Tweets About Atlanta That Will Make You Laugh Harder Than You Should

    Never say Hotlanta. Never.

    1. First, let's set some things straight — stop calling it Hotlanta.

    People from Atlanta pronounce the city "Atlanna." People not from Atlanta use the term "Hotlanta." Know how to spot the fakes.

    Chris Boyce / Via Twitter: @BrodyWrites

    2. Second, when someone says they're from Atlanta, there's a good chance they really mean Cobb County.

    Mary Moore / Via Twitter: @mooremaary

    3. And there's a whole distinction between living in the perimeter (ITP) and outside the perimeter (OTP).

    @misskittyf / Via Twitter: @misskittyf

    4. But if you say you were born and raised in Atlanta, get ready for someone to ask what hospital you were born in.

    You Really From Atlanta If You're A Grady Baby 😂😂😂.

    @LD_CoolDude / Via Twitter: @LD_CoolDude

    5. Loyalty runs deep in the dirty South.

    Real Atlanta love is unmatched. I'm not talking dysfunction. I'm talking about genuine, southern, ratchet, down to Mars, unconditional love.

    @dallise / Via Twitter: @dallise_

    6. But all the Southern hospitality and charm goes out the window when you're stuck in traffic.

    Welcome to Atlanta where the players play ...and where you sit in standstill traffic like ev-ery day.

    Justin King / Via Twitter: @JustinKing

    7. We're not exaggerating when we complain about traffic. It really is that bad.

    welcome to Atlanta where it takes u 45 minutes to go 2 miles!!

    Brielle Biermann / Via Twitter: @BrielleZolciak

    8. While the traffic may be terrible, the drivers are worse.

    everyone in atlanta drives bad but no one is as bad as white people in buckhead on speaker holding their phones like it's bruschetta

    @eranrae / Via Twitter: @eranrae

    9. And when traffic isn't stop-and-go, you're expected to drive at least 20 miles over the speed limit.

    When you're going 100 mph on I-285 and somebody passes you

    @Atlantafollowme / Via Twitter: @Atlantafollowme

    10. Our street names can get a little confusing.

    Half of the streets in Atlanta are named Peachtree

    Ashy Aves / Via Twitter: @AVERY8D

    11. To be honest, our roads aren't that great either.

    An Atlanta couple threw a 1 year birthday party for a metal plate. 😂😂

    @GAFollowers / Via Twitter: @GAFollowers

    12. In fact, it's been a pretty bad year for Atlanta highways.

    I-85: "Watch this! I'm going to catch fire and collapse. I-20: "Hold my beer."

    @TomCarpenter10 / Via Twitter: @TomCarpenter10

    Bridge fires, sinkholes, and traffic... oh my!

    13. Our sidewalks are pretty strange too.

    If u ever been to Atlanta and you don't see a chicken bone on the ground, did you really go to Atlanta?

    Ian Stalker / Via Twitter: @ianstalker1219

    14. Don't even get me started on our public transportation.

    Not much change to the #MARTA map since I was last in Atlanta:

    Edward Russell / Via Twitter: @e_russell

    Expand Marta 2k17.

    15. And while our public transportation hasn't changed in years, the rest of Atlanta sure has.

    True 90's kids remember the Atlanta Thrashers

    @taylorhalll / Via Twitter: @taylorhaIll

    16. Did Atlanta really hold a vigil the night before the infamous "Murder Kroger" closed down? Yes, we really did.

    Everyone has a murder Kroger story and there is no way to explain murder Kroger to people who are not from Atlanta.

    Aaron Bauer / Via Twitter: @ABauer_ATR

    17. And we're still mourning the loss of the greatest radio station ATL has ever known, 95.5 The Beat.

    Mami Chula: this is 95.5 Atlanta: THE BEAT

    @_MakaylaAdams / Via Twitter: @_MakaylaAdams

    18. If you grew up listening to the radio, then chances are you know the hours of Shane Company.

    #GrowingUpInAtlanta you know that Shane Company is in Gwinnett, Alpharetta & Kennesaw. Open Monday - Friday till 8. Saturday & Sunday till 5

    Tiger Greene / Via Twitter: @TGreene99

    19. Generally speaking, Atlanta is basically co-owned by Ted Turner and Coca-Cola.

    In Atlanta, even the Pepsi machines carry Coke products.

    Mick Collins / Via Twitter: @BroknHeadphones

    20. Choosing the king of hip-hop in Atlanta is not an easy task.

    @GroovyTi / Via Twitter: @GroovyTi

    21. If OutKast comes on, you're basically required to stop what you're doing and rap along.

    In downtown Atlanta, so I have to bump @Outkast the whole time I'm here right?

    Spencer Bechstein / Via Twitter: @BG_Spence

    22. While our music scene is thriving, our sports scene needs a little help.

    this is the funniest thing that will happen at a sporting event this year

    Joon Lee / Via Twitter: @iamjoonlee

    This video is the perfect metaphor for being an Atlanta sports fan.

    23. We're still not over losing the Super Bowl, and Gucci Mane performing for the Patriots was a low blow.

    @gucci1017 You see class, thats how I betrayed Atlanta back in 2017

    @True2Atlanta / Via Twitter: @True2Atlanta

    24. If you need some alcohol to soothe your soul after watching the Braves lose for the 100th time, you know there's only one place to go.

    @hottakeharry / Via Twitter: @hottakeharry

    25. And getting drunk in Atlanta means ending your night at Waffle House.

    you know this not Atlanta cause we partying at QuikTrip for an hour then we 50 deep in Waffle House. 😂

    Rai Monèt / Via Twitter: @LipsAreLUSCIOUS

    Or if Waffle House is full, you go straight to the Cook Out on Moreland.

    26. And the next day the best hangover food is found at the Shell gas station.

    You from Atlanta if you know about "Krispy Krunchy Chicken🍗"

    @Sheknowstae / Via Twitter: @Sheknowstae

    27. But everyone knows that if you want the best customer service, you go to Chick-fil-A.

    @Atlantafollowme / Via Twitter: @Atlantafollowme

    28. As a city, we don't really know how to handle snow.

    @wsbtv @BradNitzWSB empty bread shelf...people were fighting. Yes fighting. #Atlanta

    @mrautoclutch20 / Via Twitter: @mrautoclutch20

    Where were you during #Snowpocalypse2014?

    29. And in Atlanta you can experience all four seasons in just a week.

    @Humblestash / Via Twitter: @Humblestash

    30. Atlanta may be a pretty small city.

    Is it really an Atlanta event if you don't run into someone you know 🤔

    @Tay_Ruckk / Via Twitter: @Tay_Ruckk

    31. But ATLiens are damn proud of where they live.

    @Atlantafollowme / Via Twitter: @Atlantafollowme

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