18 Inspiring Indoor Gardens For Anyone Who Doesn't Have A Backyard

    If I had a dollar for every plant I owned...I could go buy more plants.

    1. Honestly, who needs a backyard when you can have an indoor garden?

    2. Forget sleeping under the stars, I want to sleep under the vines, thank you very much.

    3. Sorry I can't come out tonight, I promised my plants I'd ~hang~ out with them.

    4. Wow, life really does imitate art.

    5. Crystals? Check. Candles? Check. All the plants in the world? Double check. Looks like the bathtub is all set.

    6. Look at these cute 'lil plant buddies hanging out.

    7. I mean, who wouldn't want to work from home surrounded by your own personal urban jungle?

    8. Plant walls > gallery walls.

    9. Do plants count as coworkers, because if so, my home office is crowded.

    10. Honestly, all you need for an indoor garden is natural light, a watering can, and unconditional love for all of your plant babies.

    11. There is no way I would ever leave my bed if I was surrounded by all these plants.

    12. Don't these plants just look happy?

    13. Is it weird to read books out loud to your plants, because that's all I would do in this reading nook.

    14. Even if you are lucky enough to have a backyard, why wouldn't you want to keep plants inside?

    15. Obviously the plant pillow cases and wall art are there to help the plants feel right at home.

    16. We got succulents on succulents up in this window sill, y'all.

    17. It's normal to have more plants than friends, right?

    18. Finally, just let me poop and garden in peace people!