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    17 Home Libraries That Look Like Something Out Of A Fairytale

    You know what they say, reading is fundamental.

    1. This black bookcase that's the perfect blend of vintage and modern flair.

    @urbanhousehold / Via

    2. This colorful book nook that is practically begging you to brew a pot of coffee and spend the day reading.

    3. This plant-filled oasis that will practically make you smarter just by standing in it.

    Alexander Van Berge / Via

    4. This moody corner that's perfect for rainy-day book-reading.

    Norbert Krueger / Via

    5. This color-coordinated library that doesn't mind when you judge a book by its cover.

    @beckybicks / Via

    6. This dimly lit corner that's bad for the eyes, but good for the soul.

    @theidealhomeandgarden/ / Via Instagram: @theidealhomeandgarden

    7. This bibliophile's paradise you could spend hours in.

    @stitchesplz / Via Instagram: @stitchesplz

    8. This sun-filled study equipped with enough books to last you through the winter.

    Udine Pröhl / Via

    9. This children's book corner that's perfect for kids of all ages.

    @ella_and_tinyt / Via Instagram: @ella_and_tinyt

    10. This fully stocked library guaranteed to please any fandom.

    @nosegraze / Via Instagram: @nosegraze

    11. This extra-cozy den that perfectly describes a book lover's dilemma.

    @wingedbooks / Via Instagram: @wingedbooks

    12. This dining-room-meets-library setup that's filled with every book your heart could want.

    Emily A Clark / Via

    13. This elegant blue room that's perfect for reading, drawing, or daydreaming!

    @begumkhan / Via Instagram: @begumkhan

    14. This spacious study that makes use of every corner of space.

    @deanalandesign / Via

    15. This attic library that will calm practically anyone down as soon as they enter.

    @blissfully_eclectic / Via Instagram: @blissfully_eclectic

    16. This magical corner that's inviting for wizards and muggles alike.

    @bookish_teaandkat / Via Instagram: @bookish_teaandkat

    17. And finally, this INCREDIBLE loft library that deserves every interior decorating award known to man.

    Bethany Nauert / Via