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    58 Teen Texting Codes Every Parent Should Know About


    Kids these days live most of their life online, and they've become masterminds at secretly sending messages to their friends with the use of acronyms.

    It's impossible to know everything these 21st century teens may be texting about, but here's a simple cheat sheet with some of the acronyms and their meanings.


    Has your child's secret passion for breadsticks been right under your nose this whole time?

    Is your child texting about @olivegarden? Here’s a quick guide to find out: OG: Olive Garden LMAO: love me an oliv…

    @jillianallyce / Via Twitter: @jillianallyce

    If you don't sit your child down and have the awkward conversation about the Iliad and the Odyssey, who will?

    Is your child texting about Classical Greek Literature? WTF: Where's The Fleece? GTFO: Going To Find Odysseus ROTF…

    @IgnatiusUnderh2 / Via Twitter: @IgnatiusUnderh2

    Your children could be talking about eating forbidden snacks right in front of you, and you might not even notice.

    Is your child texting about tide pods? Know the signs: WYD: Where’s Your Detergent WTF: Want Tide Fast LOL: Load…

    @jennmcallister / Via Twitter: @jennmcallister

    Are the kids even old enough to be talking about Shakespeare in an unsupervised setting?

    Is your child texting about Hamlet?? LOL: lights out, Laertes 💀 WTF: write to Fortinbras TBH: to be (or not to…

    @Corbintrumblr / Via Twitter: @Corbintrumblr

    Maybe an older student introduced your children to Food Network on the bus ride home.

    Is your child texting about Rachel Ray’s 30 Minute Meals™️? FML Freshly Made Lunch WTF Want These Fried? IDC Ice ‘…

    @Limentaco / Via Twitter: @Limentaco

    These kids are sneaky, so don't feel bad if you're just now catching on.

    Is your child texting about Randy Jackson? BRB: Bring Randy Back SMD: Sup My Dawg WYD: Where’s Your dawg? YGT…

    @Caroline_Mooree / Via Twitter: @Caroline_Mooree

    Remember that you were their age once, and probably would have experimented with politics, too.

    Is your child texting about Congress? BRB - Budget resolution brouhaha WTF - Well, they filibustered TTYL - Talk t…

    @AmeliaFrappolli / Via Twitter: @AmeliaFrappolli

    And I'm sure you remember your first high off feminist literature.

    Is your child texting about intersectional feminism? lol: liberating ourselves locally tbh: talking bout heteropa…

    @schock / Via Twitter: @schock

    But remember: It's a slippery slope, and science is definitely a gateway into harder things — like math.

    Is your child texting about #biochemistry? LOL: liters of lysate WTF: where’s the fluorescence? TBH: that baseli…

    @biochem_bri / Via Twitter: @biochem_bri

    Be sure to share this cheat sheet with other parents, and to monitor your teen's texts for any signs of trouble.


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